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Esu,a cosmic role within humanity.

Èṣù is to be seen and described as the karmic force of the universe. Èṣù is the link between man and the spirit world to the Yorùbá. He is a strong deity, one who has to be pacified so that he shows us the good side of life and moreover ,he does not allow trouble or evil to be done to us. Let us objectively look in to the function of Èṣù who is a fierce god, like Thor or Sango but not evil like that of Hades.

Yorùbás believe that Èṣù has to be constantly sacrificed to

because he is the one between us and the other deities.

Èṣù has the power to intercede on behalf of humans to Other Òrìṣà and can also look away if the offering mortal refuses or stops form sacrifice to ward off evil.

Èṣù does not cast evil, he merely performs his duties while. Ensuring that no man is unjustly attacked by evil. At the same time, anyone who has done wrong must pay for his wrong deeds. That is why even when someone is Initiated to Ifa, after receiving their Ifa they will be given their icon of Èṣù, and the same goes for other Irúnmolè too.

If you visit some shrines in Yorùbáland, you will see that each deity has their Èṣù beside them—like Èṣù Ifá,Èṣù Ṣàngó, Èṣù Ògún and so on. There are eight forms of evil in Ifá philosophy; Death, Pestilence, Loss, Paralysis, Trouble, Curse, Bondage and Iniquity.

All these eight are under the supervision of Èṣù according to Olódùmarè who placed Èṣù in that role so .As to monitor their activities. These eight are always. Trying to hinder the progress of man and this is why any Sacrifice or rites performed on earth to ward off evil. Must have Èṣù’s Àṣẹ in it through reciting Odu Ówónrín S’Ogbè—the odu of Èṣù. Even when one is advised to Offer Ebo, refuses to listen to advice and that leads the person Into trouble ,Èṣù will be the one to help take the person out of the troubles and tribulations if Èṣù is well propitiated. With what is requested from the adherent to procure as far as sacrifice .

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