Are You Looking For Some

Universal Guidance?

An IFA Reading May Be

Exactly What You Need 

To Get The Clarity You’ve Been Looking For (After

All, The Universe Led You Here Right Now 

For A Reason…)

So many times in life we can feel utterly and completely lost, not knowing what to do, who to turn to and just a general sense of something not being or feeling right without knowing exactly what that indeed is....

Trust me when I say you’re not alone, we all experience feeling lost at some point or another in our lives and awareness to it is key.   


So I want to commend you for taking one of the first steps towards improving your life by looking for spiritual guidance, more specifically guidance through IFA divination!  


It’s one thing to feel this way and not even be aware but another thing to draw your awareness to it so you can receive the divine guidance you need to make the changes necessary to improve your life wholeheartedly.

It doesn’t matter what challenges you’re facing, how lost you feel, what age you are, what happened in your past, whatever story you have in your head at this present moment because none of that really matters...

You’re here right now in this very moment for a reason greater than you may even know and it’s time to let the divine guide you to making the changes in your life that you have been seeking and  deserve answers to. You owe it yourself, so that you can live a life full of purpose, passion, love and so much more.  


So thank you for being here right now at this very moment in space time with me. My mission is the following.

Awo Ifasola’s purpose is to connect you with the divine spiritual guidance you need to have a clear understanding of what has been prophesied by the ancient ifa oracle

to use to tremendously

improve your life. 

Awo Ifasola impliments  the ancient wisdom of the IFA and Orisa to better guide all that come seeking the spiritual counsel of the orcale for guidance.


Using these timeless teachings to assist in the re-conditioning of those things that no longer serve us in a positive manner to live a life filled with meaning, hope, love, positive, passion, purpose.


In short to help you  to help yourself to be . The best version of the best vision.   You can be and or achieve on the earth plane in this lifetime. 


Awoifasola purposefully intent is to motivate, inspire, and elevate you by planting the seeds of wisdom you'll need to reach your highest potential. 


Many universal truths exist and have existed , since time in memorial .In places outside of the realm of system of the traditional belief system of  IFA.  That hold spiritual significance and value to humanity. IFA as a spiritual practice and orcaluar system of divination is high on the list of such universal cosmic turths . Left here on earth to help man expand his conciouness . And help him to better naviagte through life. With as little , suffering , trials and tribulations as possible.  


AwoIfasola welcomes all types of universal truths into his practice . For there is no real one size fits all type of approach when it comes to finding what works best for you individually. Beacuse , spirituality is not nor will it ever be cookie cutter in nature nor one size fits all. 


Awoifasola is strongly  committed to doing whatever it takes to lead you to a place where real changes will happen. With your help tangable  improve will be experienced .  This invetablly will lead to a better you 


Awo uses a unique, customized approach designed to help you align with that GOD source within. And once an alignment is agained . Life automataclly becomes more meaningfully and joyfull and pleasent . For alingment with destiny is the only goal . Worth ever attaining !

So How Exactly Does IFA

Work, How Can It Help Me?

With the heeding of IFA’s heavenly message and the actual implementation of IFA’s wisdom into your life coupled with the prescribed ebos better known as (sacrificial offerings) a Babalawo can change just about any situation/ circumstances in someone’s life for the better. 

IFA via odu will reveal through divination one's current situation speaking to your past, present, and possible futures.  This information is crucial towards guiding us on how to get the most out of this life. Within the situations or circumstances one may find oneself in. 

Ultimately giving each person a better understanding of what needs to be done to get to the heart of the issues at hand. Resulting in favorable resolutions. To the issues or concerns at hand . 

IFA guidence should ultimately lead us . To that place of internal and external harmonious balance with those cosmic  and universal forces.Which help us reach .Optimal peak performance, so we can reach our highest destiny. 

​So What Can I Expect From An IFA Reading?

IFA divination provides one with a momentary glimpse into the true nature of what is really  happening in a person's life. This includes mainly their actions. The actions of others and the nature of people that make up their surroundings or social eviroment .  


You can expect to gain a clearer understanding or attain  a better insight into your life path experiences that you’re currently going through, will go through and/or have gone through already.  

You can think of IFA as equivalent to solutions, all problems have solutions within them and its merely just a manner of seeking them out. 

That’s what IFA will help you do, it will better help assist you attain a more favorable outcome on that which you have come to consult the IFA oracle about who uses the ancient IFA philisophical beliefs is to get you get the clarity you are seeking.


IFA gives us the best route to take in any given situation or circumstance.   The reading will reveal the energies that are affecting your life path/destiny, either in a positive or negative way.


IFA will help you find the solutions to these energies that are concerning you and the next steps to take to be on the path to improving your life.


You’ve asked the universe for guidance and no longer have to suffer in silence, uncertainty , or confusion anylonger. 


You can get the clarity you’re seeking with the help of an IFA reading from Awoifsola by clicking the button right below .

All finacial transactions once recived will be non refundable . Please take note of this !