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Babalawo IFA Orisha divination

         Babalawo Ifasola located United states, Florida Email:

 Looking For Some

Spiritual  Guidance?

Babalawo IFA Orishas

An IFA Reading May Be

Exactly What You Need 

To Get The Clarity You’ve Been Looking For (After

All, The Universe Led You Here  

For A Reason!

   Often in life we can feel utterly and completely lost, not knowing what to do, who to turn to and just a general sense of something not being or feeling right without knowing exactly what that indeed is....

   Although you may feel alone in having such feelings , you are defiantly not! alone, we in our human experience at some point or another in our lives fall into a deep state of  coming to realization that somethings just aren't adding up . This can be due to many of reasons. Rather its the ancestors calling you to the faith. Or its your own spirit trying to tell you something that you quite haven't been able to figured out yet. 


   Taking the proper action on those instinctual feelings that many times will not just go away. Is why many come to IFA for answers. For surely IFA will make clear that which is illusive to the seeker. 



Babalawo IFA ORISA

  You find yourself here and now in this very moment on this very page for a reason! Take it as a sign from the powers that be . That have guided you here. Its time to let the the spiritual  world be your guide. So that things can begin to manifest positively in your favor.  



Ifasola purposeful intent is to connect you with the divine spiritual guidance prophesied by the ancient ifa oracle via its celestial messages known as odu IFA!



    Awo Ifasola implements  the ancient wisdom of the IFA and Orisa to  guide all that come seeking the spiritual counsel of the oracle of IFA for guidance and spiritual wellbeing .

    By utilizing these timeless teachings to assist in the re-conditioning of those things that no longer serve us in a positive manner. 


   Awoifasola is passionately committed to doing whatever is in his power to do to help assist you to a place where real tangible changes can be experienced. 


So How Exactly Does IFA

Work, How Can It Help Me?

With the heeding of IFA’s heavenly message and the actual implementation of IFA’s wisdom into your life coupled with the prescribed ebos better known as (sacrificial offerings) a Babalawo can change just about any situation/ circumstances in someone’s life for the better. 


IFA  divination shall  ultimately lead us . To that place of internal and external harmonious balance with those cosmic unseen universal forces. Which help us reach our optimal destine path. 

​So What Can I Expect From An IFA Reading?


         consultations are $100 usd for 75 mins. 

   IFA divination provides one with a momentary glimpse into the true nature of what is really  happening in a person's life. This includes mainly their actions. The actions of others and the nature of people that make up their surroundings or social environment .  


   You can expect to gain a clearer understanding or attain  a better insight into your life path experiences that you’re currently going through, will go through and/or have gone through already.  

   You can think of IFA as equivalent to solutions, all problems have solutions within them and its merely just a manner of seeking them out. 

   That’s what IFA will help you do, it will better help assist you attain a more favorable outcome on that which you have come to consult the IFA oracle about who uses the ancient IFA philosophical beliefs is to get you get the clarity you are seeking.


   IFA gives us the best route to take in any given situation or circumstance.   The reading will reveal the energies that are affecting your life path/destiny, either in a positive or negative way.


   You can finally get the clarity you’re seeking with the help of an IFA reading from Awoifsola by clicking the button below.

   All financial transactions once received will be non-refundable . Please take note of this !

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