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      I have been a student as well as spiritual practitioner for the past 15 years. I've traveled the world working with healers from various cultures. I understand by now that it is quite rare to find a healer that is very gifted, integral and working from their heart. I believe it was Spirit that guided me to Baba Awo Ifasola Sanobolade and for that I am immensely grateful. When I began working with him I knew the situation that I was bringing to him was incredibly spiritually complex and also quite serious. I could sense his strength of capacity and integrity immediately. As well as his commitment to honesty and genuine humility on the path. In our reading together he translated the messages of  Ifa in very accurate and revealing ways. The prescriptions that came through to complete in order to restore harmony, I was deeply grateful for. I knew the great importance of following through with Spirit's guidance from my own journey with Spirit. I could sense Baba's skillfulness as well as precision as a practitioner.


      As we continued in our work together, all of the work that was done I could sense the effect in the physical world, in my life, immediately. What felt like fire and confusion around my head began transforming into clarity. I noticed the way people were reacting differently to me as the days continued. I recognized that was the result of the work Baba was doing. I noticed more positive influences happening, which was a welcome relief from an ongoing crisis I had been dealing with.


     All this to say, consider yourself blessed to have been led here. You are in good hands with the Baba. He infuses so much care into his work. He shows up with the fullness of his being and great strength and integrity. He means what he says. He is clearly in alignment and doing what his soul came into this world to do. I greatly admire his dedication to his spiritual path and his practice. He is truly an extraordinary soul. Blessings on your journey.



with a heart of gratitude...  LIV  California 


      There are not enough words to fully describe how very appreciative I am of Awoifasola and what he has done for me . I let me start by saying I been friends with his wife for several years now . And well lately I been suffering form a lot of anxiety due to the global pandemic do to the novel corona virus .Not to mention all the others stressors  of life like not being able to do what I use to be able to .Things as simple as going to the store's with my kids. but now recently not being able to take them with me for fear of infection . These often lead to some pretty sever separation anxiety for me . So i think you can see the pattern here . One thing lead to another which didn’t help my over all emotional state in a psotive way.  My anxiety was getting pretty  bad as days went by . I mean it would take me days to feel any degree of “normal” which i had been use to. These emotional  rollercoasters , basically happened every time I went out without my kids . Not to mention all the others stresses of life I was going through.



      Fast forward a bit and it got so bad I went to the doctor to see what could be done or what could be prescribed to help with this issue i was experinecing. That’s! how far it went. So I got a call that awoifasola via his wife ( my freind and collegue)   that he wanted to help me out since he felt for me and my situation that I was going though. He prepared a package for me that included some spiritual baths and medicines and soaps and etc. He got on the phone and made sure I understood how to use everything to the letter.


    After following his instructions I have to say without a doubt! I now feel much, much better and way more at peace at home. As well as my day to day life has also seen been more manageable. In fact now when I go out without my kids I don’t carry all those anxiety filled issues with me any longer . I have to say his help was tremendous in controlling my anxiety issues i had been experincing .  Not really into stuff like this but.... what i can say is that what he sent me worked! And iam totally greatful for his help when i needed it the most. 



 Nicole D   Miami 


       I came across baba ifasola website, his reviews were exceptional I thought so I decided to give him a call. I was really going through a lot! in my life and had tried other spiritual workers with no real help at all! so I was a little skeptical about awoifasola. Was thinking he could be yet another failed attempt to hoping to solve my pending issues . Baba gave me a reading that was so accurate in so many ways it hard to put into words. Through my reading he was calm, understanding and listen to all I had to say.


Maya    California 

    Took more time than allotted and  took on my case and ensured me I will be ok if we just do what ifa had recommend to do. I must say I have never encounter someone so real, such a man to his word, Trustworthy , with such integrity and most of all showed me and keep me posted every step of the way throughout the entire process. My family and I are so grateful and happy to have met you and I thank you so very much for giving us  our life back that the enemy had try to destroy.

Jasmine  New York

    My experience with awoifasola has been astounding. It really gave me the direction i needed . And slowly but surely i have seen everything foretold come to pass! Its one of those things you truly cant fully explain but ... The entire experience  has lead me to a place which i feel i belonged a  sort of home feeling . Like it has brought me to the path i need to continue on going. I divine for myself sometimes . But  man this here with IFA was pure . i am very glad i was led here for my readings .

 Landon  Wisconsin

      It was a true honor and deepest of blessings to connect and work with Baba. Through a dear friend, I was introduced to his work with Ifa and the Orisas in a time in which I needed such substantial spiritual support gravely. I came with not much familiarity in the tradition, but with respect and an open heart and spirit to the work. I am profoundly humbled and grateful. There have been very few practitioners who could read my energy or story in the cosmos so astutely and divinely as Baba- and even less who could not only express the song back to me but wanted to also help me to find ways to walk that story in this life more fully. Baba’s spiritual precision, integrity, sincerity, and heart of care (for this work, for the spirits, but also myself) shone throughout the entire arc of our work together at this time.



        I also appreciated that through Baba’s transparency and care, I begun to learn about the spirits so that I could approach them with respect and my own sincerity in turn. The support and transformation are immense, truly powerful, and beyond words. I feel in my being that this was life and essence saving work for me, and for that and so much more I bow to Baba and the Orisas. Now, I have been reset on my path. Now, I am listening to a new world, heartened and strengthened in many ways, and deeply moved. This is holy work. Many blessings, and heartfelt gratitude. Ase.


 Rachel   Phoenix ,Arizona

      I met Baba Fasola  several years ago while I was going through some rough times .  The Ifa work he did for me had significant real-time affects physically and emotionally.  And the lessons did not stop there. His work set the tone for significant positive changes that has spanned 3 years or so of my life as I had to make some significant life changes. Baba is very knowledgeable and has a universal approach to working with Spirit. 


      In that time, Baba had always been available for me (which is super rare)  and for the last year, has provided avid support of my personal and spiritual growth. As I am going through my own personal spiritual awakening, his support has nurtured my own decision-making process allowing me to findthe spiritual path that best fits me at this juncture .  I was literally on the verge of walking away from  the spiritual practice of IFA, but now, I have a renewed sense of hope through maintaining my connection to IFA while added some others practices that feel right for me . I have worked with other babas prior to this experience but long story short . None have  close to this experience with baba fasola.  Blessings to you Baba and the work you do. 

May your work bring light for people trying to find their way out of darkness.


    Ifakunle  California


       I want to start off by saying that the experience I had with awoifasola was beyond great. Being totally new and not knowing literally  anything about this religion. I was referred to him through a mutual friend. Due to an issue I was having that had been revealed to me via a spiritual medium . Apparently, my ex was hell bent on seeing me be as unhappy and miserable as I assume he is. Because anyone that stoops to that level can’t be happy with themselves . Guess it really pissed him off to see me happy  with my new partner and moving forward in life. So after being made aware that something had be done to me via black magic or juju or whatever you want to call it . For me to basically have nothing be nothingand lose everything I had  going on . It was a shock to say the least , I took it all  in which was truly a little disturbing and upsetting.  Not much time passed when I started to quickly validate all that had been told to me via my life experiences during that time.



        It was truly mind-blowing how everything in my life started to go down the tubes in ways I could never have had imagined. Seemed like everything was going wrong in my life .That made me a true believer that what one spirit medium had told me about my ex  had been doing to me via black magic was 100% true and coming to pass . Being new to anything of the sort and because its hard to wrap your head around how these things are even possible . But it was then that I reached out for help to a friend that connected to me to awoifasola .


    Honestly I like to think of myself as open minded  person . So  i was open to the idea of dealing with the unknown. I got in contact with awoifasola and hoping that whatever was going to be done was going to help me get rid of whatever it was I had on me. That was causing me all types of problems in my life. Frist thing I noticed  when we met is that he was very welcoming ,that made me feel very at ease and comfortable which helped me a lot ! throughout the process. Being new to this entire experience of spiritual stuff, the not knowing factor can make your mind wonder on what’s going to happen now.


     Another thing that I noticed is that he has a very unique gift to be able to convey in terms that are simple for anyone to understand .tAll the whats, and whys he is doing what he is doing for you and to you . The man knows is craft so well and it shows in the way he can break things down for even to a newbie like myself .To understand what was going on and the reasons why of everything which helped immensely calm my mind . And be at total ease in his presence .Nothing was a surprise or nor did anything cacth me off guard . Because he guided me so well throughout the process of the rituals I had to undertake while in his care. I never felt pressured or weird or uncomfortable while doing any of the things we had to do . To remove this dark negative works form my life .


      The entire experience was truly beyond words  . Not only did I leave feeling totally awesome! I also left with a totally different perspective on what this religion truly is . Atleast when someone serious and knowledgeable is doing spiritual work for you.  I see awoifasola as a one of the blessings of my life . Thank you so very much for everything because what you did worked! If anyone is in a similar position as I was , which from what I hear is not uncommon unfortunately  these days. Reach out to him he  might be your saving grace like he was for me .

 Adriana L   Miami




      I'm honored to share this testimonial about my elder Baba Awo Ifasola . Baba Ifasola is one of the most Knowledgeable Babalawo that i have had the opportunity to meet in the United States. He has influenced my practice in a great way both as a practitioner and as a priest training in my own ministry. As an elder, he has shared with me the appropriate ways to communicate and honor our practice in a respectful way. He often checks on me just to see how i and my family are doing. What a great blessing that is. 

      Baba Ifasola takes great lengths to teach and prepare his godchildren and clients to practice this great tradition in order to receive the most successful results. He gives an unadulterated message from spirit that gives those under his ministry the ability to change their condition for the better and come in to alignment with their purpose in this life. Because of his work my life has changed for the better and my connection to spirit has become more powerful. At the time in my life that Baba assisted me, i was in a very difficult place.




       Things were stuck for me  and very stagnant. Baba went beyond the call of duty to put the proper spiritual connection in a place that  allowed me to now grow and develop into my own priesthood. Through my humble experience with Baba ifasola . I will never be able to thank him enough for the positive changes that have occurred in my life. Anyone who comes to Bbaba Ifasola will find the same caring experience that i underwent while under his care and guidance.  

      I pray Olodumare, ifa, the Orisas, and Egungunn bring abundant prosperity wealth to his life and spiritual practice. 

      Awo Ifawole Osunsanya      Oklahoma 



      No sería justo que dejase de comentar sobre mi experiencia con Awo Ifasola a quien tuve la oportunidad y el honor de conocer y recibir la bendición de IFA a través de él.

      Debo decirles que llegue a él después de haber orado a mi Angel guardián y seres guías para encontrar una persona justa, con verdadera dedicación y amor a la religión en quien pudiese confiar. Encontré su website como cualquier persona pudiese decir, por pura coincidencia, pero yo sé que no fue así. Por que para mi no  existen las coincidencias.


      Les digo que fue una experiencia completamente nueva para mí, pues el registro con IFA fue vía telefónica. Sinceramente, tuve mis dudas al principio pues soy de la vieja guardia ya echo santo mas de 33 anos atras, pero pronto mis dudas fueron disipadas pues IFA fue bien certero y claro con mi situación. Hice el ebbo recomendado por IFA y he visto los resultados positivos en mi vida y familia.


      Sinceramente, si eres una persona que has tenido malas experiencia con los Babalowos o Osha religiosos, y estas pasando por situaciones personales duras y necesitar encaminar tu vida hacia un futuro mejor, de todo corazón te recomiendo que trates una consulta con Awo Ifasola. Encontraras lo mismo que yo, un ser honesto, sincero y que adora a su familia. De seguro que aprenderás algo nuevo en tu encuentro con Awo Ifasola.Que IFA y Obatala llenen de bendiciones siempre la vida de este gran ser humano Awo Ifasola.


Sinceramente, Nestor ,Omo Obatala   Miramar F.L





      I had significant life challenges and i needed further  information,  and direction with regards to my challenges. I was facing.After speaking to several mediums on my challenges, i had a hint that i had spiritual challenges too. I decided to search for help so i got on to the  internet and i came across Áwo ifàṣolà website as well as many others.Baba responded promptly and he was very open with the payment for initial consultation. Áwo ifàṣolà fees are very reasonable. And  a steal as far as iam concerned  for the amount of work, care and effort you will receive from him. He is a genuine person with conscience and empathy. This is really an excellent point about him.  



    From the beginning of the IFA consultation to remedy, whats needs to be done, EBO, guidance and e.t.c. Áwo ifàṣolà looked after me genuinely like a father to a son or a brother to a brother and i am indebted to him for all his help and effort.There are many things that showed itself during the process of IFA consultation and EBO/remedy. For example a negative spirit had attached itself to me for along time dragging me down, but just during the period of engagement with Áwo ifàṣolà, it showed itself in physical life allowing further investigation via consultation with IFA.



     And right away ifa gave remedies for the issue. But please understand that sometimes the solution is in stages and may involve paying the stages/ multiple consultations and respective ebos.  As they involve a lot of work to be done  from Áwo ifàṣolà, which he will genuinely show you as he porgress on your work.





    I can say iam in a better position and much more strengthened as a person and spiritually after engaging with baba Áwo ifàṣolà.I was a bit skeptical at first .But  We are now in a tecknological  age of  the internet, mobile phones and airoplane and most of us are dispersed around the world.



   Based on the reality of our modern world .Áwo ifàṣolà provides consultation of IFA which is very in line with the modern age. Most consultation in the past would  involve face to face meeting.  I am truly impressed to be honest how Áwo ifàṣolà has brought me to IFA in this new way of doing tings via the internet.  I pray that others may find joy in this also as I have with Áwo ifàṣolà.





  if someone ask me to rate baba I would have to say he is a 10 out of 10!I promise you ! That you will get more than you paid for and he is really genuine person.He will not take advantage of you because of your troubles, but actually charge. What is correct and fair for the work that will need to be done. At the end you  will feel that he deserves more than what you paid for. In short you would be grateful to Áwo ifàṣolà.I am blessed and i thank GOD that we met and he was able to help me. Were in the past many others have failed to do so because they never had the right intentions .  


Sheriff    Melbourne Australia




      I just want to write some words about how much Awo Ifasola has helped me. His reading was very insightful, accurate and helpful. He took his time with my reading, giving extra time and energy as he felt was needed. We had a great conversation, and I was able to gain great insight into what my issues were. He has continued to help lead me in teaching me about the practice which iam also an initiate of.

   He has shown that he is very reliable, encouraging, and accurate in his Ifa reading. He followed through with every single thing what he said he would do . He does as he says.After working with Awo Ifasola i can see that he lives with good character and is a man of his word. He is respectful and called and contacted me at the agreed upon time. He was gentle with my issues during and after the reading.

   Ifa is an amazingly deep spiritual practice that not only identifies the issues you are experiencing, (whether they be in relationship/marriage issues, issues at church or work, protection issues), but also offers a solution to your problems, by leading and helping you make offerings to the God created Orisa energies of nature that are very familiar with your issues, and are very willing to help you. 

   Ifa will help you see the real problem. Things that might not be so apparent at first glance.So, it doesn't matter what your social/educational/economic level. If you have been dealing with whatever problem, or just have questions about life in general,  then i would not hesitate to call/contact AwoIfasola. You will definitely find the help you need.


 Awoifasegun , Washington

      Thank you Baba for literally changing my direction! You have directed my path in an unbelievable way. Your passion shows you are authentic and very powerful!  Awesome divination and ebo! You helped me get approved for a loan .When I couldn't  get approved for anything anywhere i went ! In search of a new apartment, desperately needing a new place to live. You delivered me to my soul mate . Who interesting enough  is a realtor.


      Orisa Osun has sweetened my life , unexpectedly. You’re awesome! I thank my ancestors! I thank Ifa, Oludumare!  I thank all of the Orishas! I thank you!  My ancestors did their thing by sending me to you. When before I was about to be bamboozled by someone unbecoming of the position they so claimed to be. And then you did your thing baba! Keep doing what you do, because people like me need you. The people need you to help change their lifes. In unimaginable ways ,as you have done with mine. And the best is yet to come! Ase! Ase Ase ooooo!!

  Lashondra Banks   Columbia, Maryland 




      I wanted to thank you for your assistance and insight during my Osun initiation.  Your knowledge. understanding and intuition during my ceremony gave me significant information and clarity about deep internal questions I have been contemplating.  Most importantly, I appreciate your honesty, integrity, thoughtfulness and commitment you have shown me after my initiation.  As a devoted IFA practitioner for over 20 years, it is a blessing to find individuals as yourself that carry themselves with dignity, patience and gentle character.  Lastly, I wanted to thank you for the kindnesses, support and attention you have illustrated to people I have referred for consultation.  I look forward to our continued discussions and future IFA work together on our journey. Ase!


Awo Ifaseye Shangodayo Omiyomi     Los Angels   





      Awo Ifasola is one of the few remaining  Awo's who really does his best  to carry out the true teachings of Ifá. Not just with empty words and nonese rederict  but through genuine tangled heartfelt actions. He really is what is says he is about. I have also found him to truly feel deeply , for those who he attends to and helps, through his  Ifá jounery. 


  I for one highly recommend Awo ifasola work, and his teachings .He really helped me understand   what Ifá messages are for you regarding your destiny.


You may finally find out what it is that you need in your life, so that your able to triumph in all your endeavors,  spiritual mental and otherwise.


     Dayan P.  Omo Obatala      MIAMI F.L



      i hav to admit i was in a state of confusing as to what would or could be wrong in my life . Right before I reached out to my brother and Baba Awo Ifasola. Any and everything seemed to be all over the place with very little to show for it. I knew something wasn’t right and it wasn’t until I asked Baba to consult with Ifa to help figure it all out.


     After Ifa delivered it’s message, Baba worked with me diligently in clearing and refreshing “the air“ that surrounded my being. When I say every passing moment became so much easier and functional after working with Baba in rectifying my surrounding discord, my words do not serve it proper justice!




      If you are doubtful or curious as to what this system is or means to all, please feel free to reach out; I cannot put to words how knowledgeable and resourceful he is in helping you understand the nature of these things: life, the energy we invest into it, and what Ifa can do to help us maintain or fix it.


 Carlos  Macahdo  Ft. Mayers  F.L


       "Yo no savia mucho de Ifá  a unque soy apetvi  de Orula  pero desde que conosi al Awo Ifasola estoy muy contenta con sus conosimientos y su forma de guiarme en esta religion que es Ifa y los orishas .Me parecia que ya no quedavan Babalawos corectos en el mundo, pero estoy muy contenta que Dios . Me probo que si quedan y uno de ellos es Awo Ifasola." Confie en el que es buen muchacho es de familia  y ama lo que hace y se ve en como trabaja. no tengo la menor duda que va estar satisfecho con su servicios y su atenccion. 

 Hilda .M        MIAMI  F.L 

      I just want to take a minute to thank you for all your guidance and support when I needed it most. I have reached out to several guides but NEVER! one like you. My reading was as accurate as it gets. And the guidance you provided afterwards was Amazing  ... you don’t treat people like  customer/clients. Which is the general and typical treatment one usually is accustom to when it comes to these practices.


      Awoifasola treated me like real family. You have  cared and even continue to  checked up on me day after day. Just to see how I have been doing . I’ve NEVER  had  experienced such kindness like that before. Your guidance on remaining positive is what gets me through my days knowing everything will work out in my favor... again I’m blessed and beyond grateful to have crossed your path....


Peace and love 


Ms. Mitchell         Atlanta  G.A

       I was experiencing a lot of difficulty in my life and intuitively knew something was off and that I needed some external assistance, I contacted Awo Ifasola and right away he made time for me and performed a reading that confirmed that things were definitely off, he also gave me a list of things that needed to be done to make everything right again.


      He made sure I understood everything that came up and made me feel like I could ask questions when I wasn’t sure. After all was said and done, I felt a peace of mind finally after such a long time of feeling lost. Since then things have slowly been improving and Awo Ifasola has periodically checked in on me and made sure all was good. Not only do you get prompt services but concern and knowledge. 

Jennifer Garcia           Port St Lucie  F.L 





     Awoifasola help me immensely in my life. When everything seemed to be going upside down. Couldn’t seem to hold onto money and it seemed like when it rained it poured. And it poured a lot! in my life .Not to mention the never ending family issues, that were getting worst with time. I met baba and through ifa was indicated to come closer to the tradition for guidance and help in all these areas of my life. Through initiation I was able to turn my life around from grass to grace. Things really started to improve in a tangible way for me . 



    I mean I could not only see the difference I could feel it . Before I would be full of anxiety , depressed all the time and I couldn’t go to sleep unless I took something to make me go to sleep. The role he played in my life was pivotal for the change I was able to make .  In short I am much happier now and at peace and even my finances have gotten better which is a major bonus! The change I was hoping to get basically came in ways I could have never imagined. The journey has been pretty amazing thank GOD for baba ifasola . 



Emmanuel   Miami





      When I first heard about baba it was through a close friend of mines. Who had already been working with him for a while. I heard her out but at that point in time . Iam not sure I was ready for all that she was talking about. Well a year plus later my situation had now come to a head . And I was in a serious dark place in my life. And my friend once again suggested I seek help via baba and IFA.




       So after asking her many more questions about everything , as I did have my doubts . She reassured me that it wouldn’t be a let down in any capacity. She spoke so highly of baba that I thought there is no way this man can be real. So I decided that I could contact baba and make an app for the reading . Well , what I can say now is that my friend was NOT! exaggerating at all ! I received a detailed reading that helped me out a lot! On a mental and emotional level. He filled me on what to do next  so that things could start to move in a more positive direction .





      And although I have not done the ebo ( recommend sacrifices)  I need to do yet! This has not stopped him form making sure I am ok . And encouraging me and dropping some much need knowledge and wisdom on me regularly. Not everyone is like this . I am so grateful to for everything he has been able to do for me . 



Nysiah   Taylor     Georgia 

      When I had my first reading back January 2020 I did not complete my ebos. And let me tell you I paid for it! I went through pure hell. My procrastination in completing my sacrifices in a timely manner bit me right in the behind.  I had my second reading in June 6 months later during my mega crisis, completed all the  ebo’s as instructed this time around  and have been obedient to the lessons learned and wisdom taught ever since.  



   From that moment on my life has changed! Everything has changed truly and blessings are continually flowing to me and through me. I am learning and soaking up all the knowledge. I am so grateful for Baba and the work he has done and the motivational words and knowledge he continues to provide to me its truly been the catalyst to the new and improved me which iam now comitted to.

Update: Nysiah Taylor  Georgia  

      Mi experiencia con awoifasola  fue muy Buena. Con mucha aceptación de todas la cosas que me dijo en la consulta.Pero la verdad es que cada dia todos las cosas que me dijo van cumpliéndose poco a poco. Desde es entonce con exactitude.


      Yo se lo recomiendo 100 por ciento. Es una persona maravillosa con mucho conocimiento sobre su trabajo, serio , formal y muy respetuoso.

Además sincero y te habla sin rodeos, te hace sentir segura y firme en cada paso que tengas que hacer. Porque cada una de sus predicciones las puedes ver con el día a día de la vida.



Yisell Alverez  Miami , Florida



       Baba has been exceptionally open, caring, and above all just REAL. In a world full of pseudo spiritual people, Baba has continuously been someone I can rely on to give me truthful answers and not hold back. I looked for Baba during a low point in my life and I needed answers and guidance. He wasn’t pushy nor was he dismissive. Every question I asked was answered to the best of his ability. I really appreciate him for all he’s done for me.


KYLE   Los Angels 





      Awoifasola is someone I have had the pleasure of knowing and working  with for years now .He has been the best person I have come across thus far in my journey in this spiritual  practice. And living in Miami I come across many so called spiritual  or religious people of the Yoruba faith. Unfortunately all I have come across have been unbecoming of what they claim to represent . I have been seening  him as a spiritual teacher an guide for 8 years  and counting and have received  my isefa as well as my 5 year old daughter . I wouldn't go anywhere else . I trust him and believe in him so much that . I asked him to be my daughter God father. He has become like a family member  to me. 




      He is very open and makes himself available best he can to help you . He never pressures you to do anything and always leaves things up to. Everything he has done for me has worked . And whatever he says is true, and what he has is real! No lies and no B.S he says it like it is, and does what he says he will do period!. I would recommend his services and gidence  to everyone looking for someone  in this tradition. 

  Grace  Castillo omo Oya         Hialeah F.L  

      I have been working with awoifasola for quite some time now. When I’m feeling lost or unsure of things I consult Ifa to ask questions and gain clarity. Each and every time I do, I’m blown away!! And it doesn’t take long for those things to manifest. Just one word of advice...make the ebo!!! :(recommended sacrifices).

Shenika  Mosby Chicago IL


      I've known  Awoifasola for many year's now. Every time I reach out to him for a consultation session. I felt a refreshing sense of clarity with myself and  the environment around me. He always gives me great guidance uniquely his own . The advice is of type that can change your life if one follow's it to the letter. Awoifasola is the only one I ever contact  when I need spiritual clarity on a certain aspect of my life that may have .A bite of looming uncertainty . 

 Rob  Rafael  ifaoma omo Esu          Temecula California 


       I 'am incredibly grateful for the support that I have received from BaBa Ifasola. He has helped me clarify a certain situation I had  going on . Which was incredibly difficult at the time. With this new added clarity  gained from my divination session . As well as the performance of the ebo. I have been able to make MAJOR! changes in my life. One of which was re-connecting with my ancestors .To  having a much more purpose driven life in general. He has been a pillar of strength and encouragement  for me . I am so glad that i was sent to him via a mutual friend . He has not only changed my life for the better . But  also that of my family. 

 Ruth Anne Arbuckle   California , L..A


       I just want to give a huge shoutout. To Baba ifasola , for always being there for me since day one. Which has been about 1 year and half now.  Baba has changed my life! With his endless motivation, and inspiration. Which is indicative, of the amount of love he has shown me. I’m truly a living testament of his work.



      My life when I crossed baba path. Was in complete shambles. Baba did my initially reading. Conveyed the information to me did the ebos. That needed to be done. And so many more throughout /during the time I have known him. He has brought me out of some really dark places. And situations, that I know would have been insurmountable to face alone.


      He gotten me out of many situations. Where I should have never made it out of. From death, to incarceration, to homelessness. Court battles and deep, seated depressions and the list goes on. Depressions that  had me in bed days on end without moving only to use the bathroom. He has always checked on my well being. Through this long journey I been on since we met. With so many ups and downs to speak on that i could write a book. . If you come across my testimonial. To see or convince yourself if baba is the one for you. Look no further! He is the ONE! your looking for.



(update post: Roquita M.  Georga 


      I have orisha crowned now for 17 years plus iam omo Shango!  I just wanted to say that many times we meet or come across so called self- proclaimed “ religious people”. In these traditions but more often than not. They tend to fall extremely short of such titles the hold or claim to hold . But if you get lucky like I feel I did you will hopefully come across someone like awoifasola .  Dealing with him as been a major blessing and an experience like no other before. He has gotten me through some very tough times . His guidance and wisdom have been lifesaving. Awoifasola restored hope in me that even though many can and probably will! turn your back on you. When you are down and out. There are still good people in this world that are willing to assist you from the heart. 



   For the few months I have been able to work with Baba. I can only say good things about him. I pray he continues on this path for a very long time . These traditions need more people like him. He is a man that does things form the heart . That is seriously rare these days , many blessings to him. I hope my experience is able to help someone reach out.  To a truly  real genuine person and upholder of the tradition.


Bernie . V Miami F.L







    Its pretty difficult to put into words exactly or fully describe the spiritual work awoifasola has done on my behalf thus far. Iam relatively new to IFA and not fully knowing what to actually make of the tradition in general thus far in my journey. My initial introduction to IFA started about a year ago . I was with a Babalawo here in Chicago were I live. It was a pretty good experience I felt at the time. And that began to further opened the door to my exploration into IFA.


      So as fate would have it . And I really have to describe it as fate. Because I found Awoifasola in maybe on of the  most unlikeliest of places . Well atleast in my mind  anyway. The way I came across Baba was on tiktok: ( a social media platform) which I go on from time to time .So after a bout of doubtfulness , I decided to reach out to him . I felt I wanted to experience more of what IFA might have to offer with another babalawo.


      See i was having a little issue in the relationship area of my life.  So needing a bit of assistance. So  I decided to consult IFA. Once we started our communications I asked all the questions I needed. To make sure I had the right person I was looking for .During those contacts , I noticed that baba was straight forward and really did do what he told me he was going to do . And you know how hard it is to trust people these days.



       But I took a chance and it paid off.  What I can say is that my experience with awoifasola was and still is  pretty unbelievable. The amount of things baba did for me I never seen before . Of course I have limited  experience base. Awoifasola work is literally nothing like my first experience here at home . Baba was way more in depth with his words explanations and knowledge base and accurate most of all.


      When I think to myself who knew you can find a real top notch  Babalawo on the internet/ tiktok it always makes me smile a bit. My only wish is I wish I lived closer to baba to have more access to him on a more one on one personal level. I definitely recommend awoifasola spiritual work to others in the same or similar position as myself.


Fabian  Chicago Illinois




  I would like to share my great experience that I have had with awoifasola. When it comes to what he does . He is extremely serious, and careful , kind, and considerate most of all. He is someone that truly follows his spiritual path with appreciation and care. I have no words truly other than to say THANK YOU ! you have a BIG heart!

May God always bless your life.

Taciane Ribeiro  -   Republica do Brasil  (Brazil) 



            I will  start off by saying that there are very few people that can be trusted in the world we live in today. So as they say when you find someone good , make sure to hold onto them. As skeptical as I was specially from dealing with others in these traditions due to prior experiences . I am soooo, thankful to GOD for being able to find someone like Awoifasola. His words of wisdom and encouragement literally saved my life . Mainly from the massive confusion i was  drowning myself in . Awoifasola  gave me hope and a understanding of life and living which was my saving grace I feel. 

        Even after the consultation session, he kept pouring his wisdom on to me . I was just in a state of WOW!  I remember praying for someone like him to come into my life. All I can say without a doubt is that the powers that be answered my prayers. I'm so thankful to share my story / journey so far. I give thanks to awoifasola he is an amazing person and friend. His leadership is second to none . I feel he is more than just a messenger but a true messenger  of GOD . He is just simply put a truly amazing individual . There is no real way ,to ever thank you for everything. 

    Chanteia Simmons    Largo F,L 


       I wanted to take this time to thank awoifasola and his family for helping me release. A lot of old stagnant energy, while promoting healing in the process. They gave me a safe space in which I could feel comfortable to being my healing process. I have been feeling so much better. I now feel I have stronger connection with my higherself than ever before. I thank , aowifasola for his kindness while making the experience . As a newly exposed person to this tradition not only memorable one but a wonderful one .  Iam forever greatfull .

   Michelle P.  Miami Lakes F.L 

      Awo Ifsola has helped me and is continuing to help me .I reached out to him after, I  had an unfortunate series of negative experiences. Which all stemed with someone at  my previous work place.This individual slowly but surely ended up causing us all problems at work. And myself more so as I seemed to be the main target of her attacks . I assume it was because I held the number one top money maker spot at work. Which she wasn’t at all happy with . Obviously jealousy played a major factor here. It seemed she had aimed to destroy me and everyone else for that matter. I after found out she was a practitioner of the dark arts and the occult.  Using juju to do  bad magic to us for her own personal gains and benefit. 



      She ended up doing just that and more. The bulk of the issues started when she gave my then boss a “present” which he accepted. After that it was the beginning of the end. For my co -workers and the establishment in which I worked at. The all the employees started to see their earnings decreased substantially. Not to mention that now I went form top money maker to basically none livable wages. Long story short the owner  went out of business and we all lost our jobs. Do to this one women devious actions.



      This didn’t end there for me . For someone reason she seemed to have had it out for me the  worst for whatever reason . And all these strange things started happening to me that never use to happen before. I would forget things , excessively. I couldn’t sleep and wake up all hours of the night. I would see dark shadows out of the corner of my eyes. I would feel someone or something would be in my bed with me . I would have very strange dreams of a negative nature. It got so bad that I ended up moving back to my homeland.



     Needless to say I felt that I needed to get some type of help with my issue. Because I knew I was under some type of spiritual attack. Something was not right at all here and I knew it. I started to reach out to several people. To see if I could get some relief from these unwanted experiences I was suffering form . So my journey  began looking for someone . I came across several people . None of which ever truly resolved any of my problems. In total I went through about 7 different people . Each one being worse than the next. 2 twice I flew to Florida to under go breaking rituals that .They said would release me form this bondage I was suffering from. Do to this women relentless spiritual attacks on me.





     After my first trip to one of the people I dealt with . Nothing changed! Total waste of time and money. The second time I flew out to yet another person that claimed she would help me . But in reality all she did was take large amount of money. And keep trying to bleed me dry .Meanwhile nothing had changed as she had promised. She wasn’t helping me she was only helping herself to me. Needless to say she played me big time. Honestly , I don’t even know how I came across awoifasola website. But I so happy that I did. He yet again reassured me of what I had been suspecting all along. that I was under attack of some negative forces.



     And what had been happening in my life through divination. We made the sacrifices IFA recommended for us to make. And he sent me few things for me to spiritually cleanse myself . I don’t know exactly how I was able to manifest awoifasola but somehow I did. He has been the most helpful person I have found. During this long drawn out journey that I have been on over this crazy women. That had turn my life upside down. All this over jealousy , in the work place. Iam a good person and try to keep to myself . I didn’t really think I deserved any of this.



     But now soon I hope to fly to florida once again. But this time to it wont be a waste of time or money. I believe in awoifasola and soon look forward to receiving my one hand of ifa form him for added protection. And to come closer to the ways and teachings of IFA. I no longer suffer as I once did thank to awoifasola and his timely and divine help. Things are improving for me with each passing day.



Marrisa   ,Virgin Islands




     Awoifasola is a really kind and patient person . He took the time to explain the different ways of doing things within the practice. Many of which I wasn’t aware of. The divination he made for me was good! Afterwards he worked with me to find the proper  ebo/sacrifice .That could work with my, #1 beliefs and #2 my current budget. He is a very honest person . And i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. To anyone looking for spiritual help within the realm of IFA. He is professional and straight forward. 



F. I    Miami F.L


       My experience with awoifasola has been nothing short of phenomenal. I have truly had the ability to find. Some long awaited peace and understanding in my life. I had a beautiful opportunity to receive a lot of enlightenment on things. That had been causing me a bit of confusion. Lucky, I found the clarity I was looking for. And all that confusion went away. I believe very much in awoifasola spiritual services.  I know them to be real!


      I am currently stationed In South Korea. So I didn’t have the opportunity of being present . But awoifasola made it easy to get the reading done and as well as the corresponding ebos . While keeping me in the loop of it all . As the process of the work moved forward . Which defiantly , let me feel included. While physically being so far away. If you have the opportunity to book a read with awoifasola at Do it! Because , your life will surely see changes for the better. And it always helps to have a solid spiritual advisor to assist you along the way in life.

Brittney  M.   South Korea

      I am thankful for coming into contact with AWO IFASOLA this man is an Ifa send. I was in a state of wondering whom and or  what lead me to him. I was wondering about all these prompts to get up at 3 am and odd synchronized communication from the spirit world. I kept seeing 333, 444, 1111, and car tags with letters B’s all over them. Did some prayer and some research and Orunmilia sent me to Awo Ifasola he instructed me what  ifa saw in my Ori and I gave the Ebo, and helped me to make a connection with my ancestors and my light is SHINING!!!


David     Colorado C.O



   As a parent we always want what is best for our children and that is why I decided to bring my son to Baba to receive his hand of Ifa.  That was one of the best decisions, as a parent, that I have ever made for my children all 3 of them.  That is a very powerful statement, one that I stand by, because I have seen changes in my son that I simply know would not have ever happened otherwise.  Drew was a very serious young man, vary closed-off with an with a very explosive temper!


    Society would say that perhaps the video games, divorced parents and the pandemic were potential causes to his behavior.  Some medical professionals would provide a diagnosis that would likely require him to be on medication for a prolong periods of time.  I simply could not accept this as his reality and so the choice was clear.  Our journey out of state to Baba  in south Florida was initially seamless. Baba had provided and overview of what was to be expect to . I knew as well for going through the process myself months prior.  But of course a very curious teenager living in the “information age” he decided to look on the internet for information which did not really go over well.  The internet can be a source of information and misinformation all at the same time. 




    I will say that Baba went above and beyond from start to finish during this entire ceremony process and still today.  I am forever grateful for how Baba has guided our family through the entire process. His knowledge, teachings, and consideration are unmatched.  Baba was so gracious even taking into consideration sensitivities that my son had, which just reinforces his commitment to his practice to do the best he can for everyone .  Baba’s often ends many statements with “I did my best” is such a modest understatement truly.  Baba took extra steps for what I would describe as something of a unique case, even providing me with additional resources that really revealed so much. About what I was dealing with in my son .  The first few days back home Drew was still quiet, as usual  he appeared as if he was just reflecting on his experience but still very much closed off.  But being his mom I actually started to see gradual changes, one week to the next, to more rapid changes to now where I’m literally like wow! this is a story that needs to be told. Because its really astounding the turn around in my son.  It started with questions which came from him taking the time to read his “Ita”: (life path reading summary).


   Understanding his life path reading has really impacted him in ways that I never thought could happen.  Drew’s relationships with others has changed, and those relationships are flourishing as a result, he’s become more helpful, more engaging. Situations that in the past he would have typically loss complete control and become explosive now no longer trigger him.  This change was most crucial because he had a  temper and rage in him that would consume him.  It had me fearing that one day, I could lose him because a individual with characteristics   like this is surely to run across serious problems as an adult.



  Six months later, I do not have that fear of losing him any longer. Because he’s simply not that same young man he once was.  Drew recently expressed he had been experiencing something (he would not disclose what it was) and oddly enough while moving something a page from his printed Ita had fallen from his dresser and when he went to pick up something caught his eye the sheet of paper . He focused on a particular passage that spoke to what he just happened to be experiencing at the moment.  These days, he’s in-tune with his spiritual health and what he’s experiencing in life as he lives it. He now seeks answers to questions he has on his journey of life and living.




   Drew’s spiritual elevation is a result of Baba’s commitment to motivate, inspire, and elevate everyone he encounters.  For our family this spiritual prescription and it’s benefits far outweighs any medical prescription he would have otherwise received otherwise. I would encourage every parent to seek Ifa for possible solutions for their child under Baba’s guidance what you think you are going to sacrifice in monetary means NOTHING! in comparison to what your child will gain spiritually ~ alignment ~ is priceless.  




        There are no words to describe the help I have received from Baba.  I would get readings done often at botanica’s and it was all the same situation, with a bunch of things to buy afterwards no explanation or guidance a quick 15-minute reading that really led to nowhere because basically I walked away time and time again the same way I came in confused  and without direction.  When I had my reading with Baba, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  The time he took to explain everything to me and what I needed to do to get on the correct path was truly amazing. 

      There were so many things that he revealed to me during my reading that made so much  sense.  It’s not the way someone in a botanica would do a reading and try to pull information from you, nope he knew things about me personally from my reading that was so on point.  Things that I don’t discuss with anyone.  I walked away with a clear understanding of what I needed to do and all the help he provided to me was so worth it. 

      I felt exhausted after my reading but that was just the start of all that was revealed, and the next steps would be even better.  I can only praise Baba for his willingness to not only help you during your journey, but he takes his time to make sure you understand and is always available to answer questions you may have.  Baba is truly a man of integrity, genuine, and transparent.  This will not be the run of the mill take your money give you a reading and you are on your way.  No this is not what you will experience at all, for me personally, since my reading and Baba helping me, I sleep much better I feel like a weight has been lifted. 



     So many things have been put into perspective with his help and if you are on the fence or are having second thoughts trust and believe working with Baba will be unlike anything you will ever experience.  The time and dedication that was taken to help me combined with the most genuine, honest, and transparent experiences as he walks you through every single step of what he does for you with detail explanations – you will NEVER find someone like Baba. 


      I will promise you that not everyone takes as much time and is as dedicated to helping others as Baba.  I will be forever grateful, and I know for a fact that his work is 1000%, I saw things immediately that gave me the signs to know what he was doing and had done was working.  You have nothing to lose but what may be weighting you down and everything to gain from taking the steps to free yourself with Baba’s help.  If you are truly undecided do yourself a favor and take the leap of faith and trust that with Baba, you will not go wrong.  Like I said, I’ve been to so manyyyy places and yet no one had a pulse on the real issue the way Baba did.  Thank you, Baba, for all that you’ve done for me, I will forever be grateful and blessings to you.    


  Doris, NYC

        After being around the religion I’ve met babalawos that are not genuine, in search for a genuine babalawo, I came across Awoifasola on TikTok I was ready to take my spirituality to the next level and I decided to contact him. I immediately felt comfortable with Awoifasola. After my first consultation he walked me through the steps explaining with detail and answering any questions I had through out the process .After he started my ebo I noticed a big difference in the people around me and the energies.


     The people who I thought cared about me turned out didn’t wish me best. I am currently going through a big change in my life moving cities ,becoming a stay at home mom, continuing my education, and choosing a career path, it can be scary to make such big moves blindly without knowing if you’re gonna succeed.I want to give my infant  month old daughter a better future and for that I needed answers and guidance and that’s exactly what I received from my very first consultation.


     Protection from those who don’t wish me best and that’s what Awoifasola did for me. He gave e the reassurance I’ve been looking for by consulting with Ifa and the Orisas. Awoifasola is very straight up he doesn’t tell you what you want to hear he tells you (las cosas como son) things as they are. Highly recommend growing your spirituality and letting Ifa and the Orisas guide and protect you from negativity around you and also help you become a better version of you.I learned a lot from my very first consultation with Awoifasola. Much respect for Awoifasola it is not easy to do what he does. Looking forward to gaining more spiritual knowledge and guidance. Infinitamente agradecida  


   D.Ruiz  Texas 

     They say everything happens for a reason and well... After meeting baba  i also now to believe in that saying. About 3 ish years ago or so I was recommended to go and see him in order to get some guidance regarding a problem I was having. Since the first day I spoke to him I never once felt in anyway lied to, deceived or taken advantage. Which iam aware of that often unfortunately with these so called religious people whom practice such spiritual arts.

   Matter of fact It was the complete opposite, to what I had always heard from many others. He was crystal clear with everything he told me and made sure I understood every single thing that came out on my reading and what I had to do after. He took the time to explain the smallest detail and wasn’t worried about time frame or anything or anything like that .


   He’s helped  me immensely to evolve on my spiritual journey and life path more than I could have ever imagined really. So much so that he later on  I decided to take my faith to the next level and he ended up becoming  my spiritual Godfather. As I received my one hand of ifa from him . Safe to say this was one of the most positive life changing experiences I have ever had in my life.


  Antonio Miami

       I cannot begin to put into words how blessed and fortunate I am to have found Baba at this time in my life. To be very honest I found Baba through social media, which I now know was not a coincidence but a blessing! 


     When you come from having somewhat of a family background in the religion (like myself) and you hear endless stories of people being taken advantage of, you become apprehensive with whom you decide to work with. Because of this when I found Baba I did not reach out right away, however after seeing more of his videos and the way he interacts with people… I just seen the amount of wisdom and experience he truly has which made me take that leap of faith. 


         From the moment Baba first communicated with me until the very end of the divination, it was amazing! Down to the ebo, everything was beyond transparent and thoroughly explained. One of my favorite things about Baba is his ability to explain things that Ifa reveals, but with so much depth and clarity. Any questions that came up at any point in the divination, Baba was able to answer them and put my mind at ease. I cannot stress enough how rare it is to find someone, in this day and age, as authentic and straightforward as He is!!



     Baba is not here for anything else but to truly help those who seek it and transform their lives. I never felt pressured at all, Baba simply reveals to you what Ifa says and guides you on what you should do. If you take your spirituality seriously, you know how important it is to invest in yourself as well as work with the right person. I promise you, you have come to the right place. Once you take that leap of faith, as Baba always says, the best is yet to come. Thank you Baba for everything you have done. We are blessed to have you! Asé! 



   Ashley, NY. 

One Year Later…

      Since my ceremony into sefa within ifa there are simply no words to describe my journey and just how life transforming it has been.  Baba often reminds me that the best it yet to come! but I must say that I am beyond grateful for his guidance and teachings otherwise I don’t believe this journey would be as blissful as it’s been.  I often think back to the moment that I had made the decision to come closer to ifa and initiate receive my sefa ceremony . I vividly recall  Baba saying the initiation would be as important as I made it.  This is true with all things indeed, but again, it’s not as if Baba left me on the path alone! It’s a journey that I’m happy to be guided on every step of the way!  Guidance along this journey that has helped tremendously, whether it be me, my family or work, there is always a new perspective and words of encouragement!  It’s simply not a business transaction but Baba’s time, dedication, support, and guidance has led me to where I am today! 

      Ifa provides you with the roadmap and afterwards it is up to you to follow and make the corrections needed to align with your Ori.  Sounds so simple and yet because we are spiritual beings having this human experience it may not be so easy at first.  For me, becoming spiritually awaken has enlightened me in ways that I would never have thought were possible.  The impact on my family has been nothing short of amazing, once you begin your spiritual journey you begin walking the path and everything around you changes.

The path becomes illuminated and all changes because you are changing into the best version of yourself!  I will say that gradually you will notice, what you eat, drink, and even your attire may change.  You will also notice that your source of entertainment will change from what you listen to and even down to what you watch may change.  Even the company you keep may change.  For me, it was gradual changes from what felt like one day to the next to the next and suddenly it felt as everything moved so quickly, and my life was on fast-forwarded so to speak.  You may just not even recognize yourself because its not just a journey but also a lifestyle change.

    ifa is all I needed; it was time!  I decided that I had enough, and it was time to answer the call!  A calling within that would lead me to self-discovery both personally and professionally.  A call from my higher self telling me that this wasn’t it!  My life wasn’t what it should be, and life was a struggle because I was simply disconnected! I had a lot of corrections to be made, but if I did, there would be so many wonderful opportunities that Ifa saw for me and all I needed to do was follow the path!


  I realized that all that I’ve experienced to this point was for the next chapters that Ifa would have for me.  My experiences have indeed prepared me for the next chapter.  I’ve always had a traditional in-office job and even that changed!  The path has brought me to work in the spiritual community.  I now own my own botanica and that all happened eight months after my initiation.  Ifa told me a year prior that I would be a leader, have my own business and so many other beautiful things that were planned and I followed and arrived thank you Ifa! 

      I am so grateful to I am delighted to where my journey has taken me thus far.  I will admit that it’s not always perfect, again I am a spiritual being having a human experience and fall short at times.  When I don’t follow, then I must deal with the fallouts, but this is part of the learning and character corrections.  Even when I don’t realize that I’ve fallen out of line, Ifa has granted me grace on plenty of occasions. Dare I even say that Ifa has helped me when focus and catch my own mistakes too!  I am forever grateful for Baba, I know there is no way I would be where I am without Ifa and his guidance. 


        I would encourage everyone to seek Baba, his time, effort, dedication, love, and guidance make the journey even more amazing!  We spend so much money on things that simply do not matter!  The investment you are making for the sake of yourself, your family, and your lineage, there is no price tag you can ever place on that return.  I feel free, connected, thankful, grateful, and blessed.  I am looking forward to all the wonderful experiences Ifa has planned for me and if you read this far, then you too should consider sitting with Baba.  There is nothing to leave behind!  You will be aligned, feel the love and know that Ifa has so many beautiful plans for you and the experiences will leave you feeling like wow, this really did just happen!    


  Ifatoosin, Lynbrook NY 

   I  had a cardiovascular issue that left myself and my wife and family deeply concerned. So my wife a good friend of awoifasola . Reached out to him in hope to help further to be able to look into the situation a little deeper than just the physical aspect of the matter. Just to make sure we covered all angles possible . Because we also believe that all things have there origins in the spiritual . We divined with ifa and ifa reassured us things would turn around for the better. If we made the sacrifices and heeded to the messages given by IFA.


  We did as instructed because we trust awoifasola work . My wife set it all up and we traveled to see awoifasoa  . We did all the encompassing rituals and sacrifices in a timely manner. And like we have in the past ,things have been a lot better over all in my health and daily life and etc.  Once again we like to thank awoifasola for always being there for us with the love care and attention that  provides us. We are really appreciative for all that he has done for us during our time of need . 


Rei Alverez    Miami F.L

I was lost and confused as a new member to the Yoruba religion when I found baba. It was an unexplainable feeling full of emotion that I couldn’t figure out how to exactly deal with. 


Destiny brought me to babas webpage on a lonely night but the testimonials on his website convinced me to schedule a consult. Baba made sure I understood him well explained things and assured me ifa would help me find a solution. He is very knowledgeable and devoted to the religion and provides guidance with certainty. 


Baba has given me clarity and help that no other person has been able accomplish. I have gained more knowledge about the religion from him than my past elders in a very short period of time and that speaks highly about him. He began working on my ebo in a very timely manner and with great care and attention. Rest assured that he will answer any questions or concerns you could possibly have through out the process and his work speaks for itself.


I’m eager to continue my journey and grow within the help of my baba. Blessings!


Suleyma   Texas

      I consulted with Baba after having previous consultations with others, that left me with some information but no assistance to address the root cause of the issue. I was suffering from the effects of negative energy that had impacted many areas of my life. I was immediately impressed at his responsiveness and kindness.

He explained everything step by step. I found him to be extremely thorough and patient. He gave me a complete plan of what needed to be done and answered all my questions.


      I have never met a Baba so willing to support me through the entire process. When I completed the actual treatment that was recommended, my life completely turned around for the better. First my symptoms that had been affecting me daily completely stopped and were replaced with a feeling of calm and protection. I felt tremendously better and the issues that were negatively impacting my personal life totally turned around. I highly recommend him; he is amazing and extremely helpful! I am grateful to have found him. 

 Natalie B   New Jersey 

   My journey with baba...
          I consulted with him about a life situation I had going on that I couldn’t shake on my own. During the consultation baba guided me with all the knowledge and wisdom given by IFA. Through the entire process he kept amazing contact with me. Way just beyond the time frame for the  consultation process.


       He was always very willing to explain to me in detail as the process of ebo’s went on . As well as helping understand and answer my questions in regards to the processes of the spiritual work. My Ifa  experience has been nothing short of amazing! I could not have gotten through my situation as I have with out baba's and ifa  help!


      All I can say is thank you! so very much! for taking time to help me through this emotionally rough time in my life. I know that if I had not consulted with baba. The decisions I was confronted with would have been shrouded in doubt if I was doing the right thing for me or not.    I absolutely will keep baba as my main go to spiritual advisor on life matters. When future mishaps occur and hard decisions need to be made . He is a life saver and I am forever grateful!


Lesley New York

     Its vary comforting to get a understanding, to the things which for me where so foreign.  One thing that I noticed baba works vary fast on your behalf which is a plus. When I first had the initial consultation one cant almost help to think . Maybe this is all lies and iam being taken for a ride. But then in time and with patience I started to see how ifa word would manifest in my life . And that what was told to me during the reading. Wasn’t a bunch of  conjured up lies, but the actual truth! When it comes to the preforming of the ebos. He sends you all the updates almost in real time via whatsapp. Even though I’ am all the way in the Netherlands and Baba is in the states . The communication through whatsapp was excellent. He was always timely and constantly updating me and answering all my questions pretty quickly. Any questions I had about the ebos or offerings or the process I would get my reply in less than 24 hours. Which is good considering the time difference .




He also takes in consideration if you might be a bit sensitive to seeing certain aspects of the process of the ebos. But defiantly shows a you that he is on the job and working on what he says he is working on. He does what he says he will do without fail .



After my first reading I ever had with baba. I was made aware that I have a bunch of haters many of which are in my own family. Truth be told looking back I always felt like a had a good amount of bad luck in life with things. So what baba told me did actually made sense . After the first ebo he did for me . I started to feel lighter I even regained my spiritual vision I use to have back. Where as before I could feel hear and sense things more profoundly. Although I will admit I was a bit sacred of this gift I seemed to have . But of recent from all the negativity and my own fears about it. It had seemed to be almost basically blocked off. I started to regain that part of me back. My spiritual senses I once had years back but lost somehow through life’s journey. Seemly came back after the spiritual work and the guidance form ifa and baba works.


The second time consulting ifa I need to come to ifa with another set of issues and concerns which included an ex of mines. Who had past but now was perturbing me form the spirit realm . And basically blocking my love life and being a major nuisance.  Appearing out of nowhere and hindering my life .We did the ebo and it seems that baba has vanished the spirit form bothering me like before .


I love the mindset advice he gave me throughout . I found it to be vary useful in redirecting my life in the way it should be. I would definitely recommend baba . He honest , trustworthy , and fast! Honestly cant wait for more testimonials in my own life.


Maria        Netherlands

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