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Akose:( Ìsòyè and Arányè)

Akose Ìsòyè and Arányè. Few days ago I was discussing with a student/brother about Ìsòyè and Arányè and it’s surprising to realize that many still don’t know that their are differences between both.  Isoye is meant for beginners. It helps to enhance one’s memories. It’s very good for those who forgets things easily. Isoye is meant for younger people. It helps keep their brain active and also help them to assimilate whatever they see and learn anywhere.  Aranye is the advanced memory medicines. It’s strong and meant for adults. Adults at this stage got a lot going on in their lives and when trying to acquire new knowledge that is entirely different from what their brain has been used to, they find it hard to assimilate. So this Akose(medicine) helps in this aspect. When you study something while using this medicine and you try to remember, it will give like a spark in your brain taking you straight back to where you learnt exactly what you trying to remember.  Before the Yoruba people will come up with any solution, they would have studied the problem and realized that the solution to that problem has to be something that will correlate with one another.  Let’s look at some of the materials we used in making Isoye/Aranye: Eja Ojiji/Ojiji fish Ewe Ojiji Ewe Iyeye  Ewe Oniyepiye Imo Ope/palm tree fold. Etc Ojiji is the name of a fish. Jí is to wake in Yoruba language which means to wake the brain up, same thing applies to Ojiji leaf. Iyeye is a leaf. Iye is brain which means it’s Iye that will help the fellow to have a sharp brain. Oniyepiye is also a leaf. Oniyepiye literally means to call on the brain. This will help to summon the brain when trying to remember something.  Imo Ope is palm tree fold. Imo means knowledge. This helps the user of this medicine to be knowledgeable and to store knowledge in their brain.  I hope this helps you. Ire ooo.  Write up by: Babalawo, Owomide Ifagbenusola

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1 Comment

صلاح الدين
صلاح الدين
Dec 15, 2023

Hello sir and thank you so much. You didn't tell us how to use the materials sir

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