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Akose is spiritual ifa based medicines which help to induce a favored result for which someone is looking for. This list below is but a small list of all the things . That can be made via the ifa orcale and traditional teachings of Yoruba people . via plants and incantations from the ifa corpus which have been proven to produce results. Keep in mind this list is not all inclusive. This is only but a short list so you get the understanding of what exist within ifa and its various applications when it comes to that which is referred to as akose.

1) Asina to open your path to blessings to come in so to see open roads where previously they had been blocked.

(2) Afaro used to bring new people to you like in the aspect of business etc

(3) Omo for someone seeking to get pregnant and have a baby.

(4) Arobi A form of back to sender medicine in which the evils placed on you or already in you will go back to is source. Meaning back to the person that put evil on you .

(5) Atude release from bondage , so if someone is hell bent on placing a mental curse or someone blocking your way . With an evil eye or something of this nature this will free you from said bondage.

(6) Agadango Padlock : many different kinds of these “padlock” medicines some are for court cases etc etc.

(7) Aseta Shield from negative forces and another form of back to sender

(8) Ape to call someone to come back home. Like if someone is aboard they will use this to make them comeback .

(9) Apayo its medicine for resurrection or to bring someone out of a comatose state of some kind.

(10) Egbe this is to help you to escape from negative events so that you wont be harmed even if harm or negative things are to happen around you. Like a bomb going off for example you wont be injured etc.

(11) Eyooto escape from car accident or car protection from accident

(12) Atude Ewon a releasing from bondage

(13) Awure Ola Good wealth / fortune/ prosperity /money

(14) Ero Asasi shielding from negative energy evil works etc

(15) Iferan things that have to do with love/relationships etc

(16) Isoye memory recall medicine to be able to remember things rapidly.

(18) Afato increase sperm count to a good health amount

(19) Atosi STD and infections of things of a similar degree as such as stds

(21) Isiju invisibility, this is to make those against you forget about you can make there focus go somewhere else.

(22) Awarida this is if your menstrual cycle is not stopping as it should and your are seeing excessive blood for longer periods of time which would be considered abnormal . This would help stop the excessive blood flow.

(23) Eyonu to see favor from people around you and those you deal with.

(24)Isora its another form of spiritual protection from evil or negative influences.

(25)AsiriBibo to see increased progress on that which you are doing. Or those things you are laying your hand on currently. To be more successful and prosperous in all your endeavors .

(26) Isori : it another form of back to sender medicine if evil has been placed or sent to you .

(27) Aleko : this is used in the case of sexual decrease in a man like erectile dysfunction and etc.

(28) Iferan loko laya : this is for love, in which you wish your partner not to leave you but stay with you strongly .

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