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Are you missing the True nature of Orisa

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Here odu irete Otura tells us the following which is a pointer to something way beyond the physical and the mundane. If you have spiritual inner eyes you will understand what is said here. IFA is telling us don’t be fooled by outward appearances. For if you do ! you will be missing the true nature or what orisa is truly all about! Be careful my friends everything that shines isn’t always gold. Don’t let titles shinny beads and outward appearances distract you form what the real meaning of orisa lifestyle and philosophy/ way of life is truly about. I hope your not missing the true nature of orisa! This below is how IFA has said it in Irete Otura!

Irete Otura!:

To focus on extravagant beads

is to miss the true nature of orisa!

To focus on beautiful containers and pots

Is to miss the true nature of Orisa!

To focus on KINGS and QUEENS!

Is to miss the true nature of orisa!

To focus on shells and seeds and orisa implements

Is to miss the true nature of orisa!

It is ONLY! by focusing on the true nature of things

That we can find the TRUE! Nature of Orisa!

Likewise IFA wants us to focus on our own true nature within our very selves. That which is! and always has been! That which was before we knew who we even were. Please Refer to blog post on Ori IFA concept of oneness.

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