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The word is of Yoruba origin. '' Ata '' and '' Ire ''. Ata means '' Pepper '' and '' ire '' means blessing. When the two words are mixed together to form a name of the spiritual fruits called 'ata- (i) - re also known as atare means natural pepper that brings blessing.

Ø The word atare means quick blessing, complete blessing, let our lives be filled with blessings and success without delay.

Ø Note: the omission of the letter '' I '' in the middle of the ata- (i) -re, is to make the word easy to pronounce. Atare becomes one of several objects used during the daily ifa procedure to attract numerous blessings from Olodumare ( GOD). In IFA tradition (isese) has a special interpretation and also represents positive vibration when it is properly used, both in words and deeds.

In the same way, Atare means the pepper of blessing and mystery embedded in the little pepper in the pod to attract blessings and goodness, to favor and to sustain me and my generation. is a way to appreciate Olodumare and his deities.

No one achieve success without effort, just like the pepper attack in ones mouth and belly after eating spicy pepper , but later it will give way to adequate rest, and good health to the mouth and heart, this means attraction to success, blessings and prosperity after much struggle effort as well success will be crowned to ones efforts.

All of us must learn to pray like this, every morning, that '' atare ki ndi ti laboo ie the pod of atare, no matter how small, should be packed with full seeds, make our lives full of abundant blessings , prosperity and longevity.

It is believed to be auspicious for devotes to have atare pods which represents divine blessings, success, and prosperity, for every devotee of the ifa . it is highly recommend they have at least four pods in his personal household for divine blessings, and attraction to various blessings ase!

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