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Holy odu Oyeku Meji reveals to us how sometimes being awake as we now call it . In more modern times can actually be the cause of some suffering. The verse explains

Honest people are rare

Good people are even more rare

When i see no reliable person to talk to

I keep my thoughts within

Cast divination for Obaluaye

When suffering from lack of good people to talk to

Orunmila declares that it is true

Ifa sees the mind

Mother earth sees the wicked

Those who do good

The Heavens know

I really love this verse for that simple fact that it rings so true. Sometimes for who see beyond the mundane absurdities of this world. Find it hard to relate to others that are still stuck on stupid for a lack of a better word. I know in the end we are all just coming along best we can and in divine time. But while we wait for others. We tend to suffer a bit form lack of as the verse says . Good people to talk to and trust in. But truth be told the best way to change the world is to change ourselves. Sometimes being awake doesnt seem as cool as it might have seemed once before. But the last to lines are recompense. That no good deed will be unseen. "Those who do good heaven knows. Continue to do good my friends never word to the wise.

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