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The following message comes form odu ifa Oyeku Meji:

Epirin leaves fall to the earth softly. Poroporo leaves fall with a thud while egungun leaves fall vibrating like thunder. The same happens in human life. Everyone succeeds as he or she has lived. Everyone succeeds as he or she has preformed. This oracular message was given by an ancient skilled diviner. Those who listened and applied the principle in running the affairs of their lives. Lived to an old age. The diviner himself was thereafter given the appellation. ' He who knows the way to avert death. Against the danger of sudden death. adepts of ifa should trust in the diviners message for guidance.

This verse form Oyeku meji is yet other pointer to the fact that . Although or actions my seem to go unchecked or unnoticed or overlooked. Nothing can be further from the truth. All of our actions rather positive or negative toward self and other. If there ever was a "other". Will be the root cause of our results in life and how we are living it. Your actions will determine your outcome. It is truly following ifa message that we can avert the things . We cant sometimes see so clearly within ourselves that will eventually help us to indeed live long lives. Word to the the wise my friends.

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