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Oyeku Meji tells us the following:

Honest people in the world are few.

The wicked ones are in the thousands

The day of reckoning is at hand

Hence there is no need for despair

The truth of this is aptly demonstrated by the abject poverty of the ifa priest

Yet ifa did not have these problems

The priest lacked wife

The priest lacked children

The priest then went to complain to Orunmila

He said he lacked all god things of life

Orunmila then instructed him to complain to esu

Esu reminded the priest that all that he lacked ifa did not lack

Esu told the preist

Go and consult with your inner self. I.e change your character .

When the priest did his life changed

He praised his awo who in turned praised ifa

He said when i have trails and tribulations in life it is my inner self that is the reliable one

The priest then said when i consult with my inner self

Things will surely come to be good once again .

Personal reflection of the verse above:

Reflection on verse above.

Here it is obvious that ifa is pointing to the fact that being honest is the highest virtue one can follow. Although i would caution how truth is said . Or how you say it and to whom. Not everyone is a ready to hear truthful things. Specially in a world were everyone is looking to get offend. But i think ifa is referring to being truthful, correct, righteous in your actions . With not only yourself but with others. If you lie and lead a wicked life. You can expect that the world will be just as wicked with you .

This is why ifa state day of reckoning is at hand. Because it knows that being wicked to self and others. Has a price many aren't willing to face. Yet they will and they MUST! No one wicked is getting away with anything . Every action or word spoken in a negative manner. Which is designed to negatively affect another. Is really an action or words to negatively affect yourself or oneself. Because there is only ONE THING GOING ONE HERE!

That primordial energy that goes by many names but transcends all names ever giving to it. That which is commonly referred to as GOD! You can see that ifa advise to the priest that lacked good things of life was to fix his character. Which is really a way of saying change your way of being , doing , and acting. With self and others . And i use the word"other"loosely here. As there really isn't any other person . Just bodies with seemly different physical appearances and conditions But the core essence is the same. We have all sprung form the same mother .

The second part indicates how the integration of ifas wisdom when truly applied and lived by. Can render one good results . As i strongly believe that the message and implementation of the message is 95% of the REAL sacrifice. This example above is a clear indication of that. As the priest lacked all good things. But after seeing Esu was advised to consult with ifa oracle. There is also a reason he was advised to go seek the consul of Esu in this verse. One i which not go into here . But as we the priest did as was advised and consulted ifa.Which really is nothing more then consulting with is inner GOD self. That which knows the way to all ire or better known as good fortune.

This is why the priest says in the last parts of the verse. My inner self is the reliable one . Because it will always lead you in the right direction . If you are willing to submit to its advice and follow its instructions. This is the beauty of ifa truly. And why it is good to consult ifa. To see how you can better your lot. By seeking the advice of your inner GOD self.

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