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Ibeji is the name of an Orisa representing a pair of twins in the Yoruba religion of the Yoruba people. The Yoruba people look upon the birth of twins as a special blessings. Having children is a great blessing in Ifa – to have two is doubly good! Twins are born with powerful ase that predisposes them to being powerful priests and magicians. It is believed that twins are able to bestow happiness, health and prosperity upon their family. They should be treated with all due respect, loving and care. They would bring good fortune to those who are benevolent toward them and if they are neglected or abused, then such abusers would incur the wrath of the Orisa Ibeji, a deity who protects twins The firstborn of the twins is known as "Taiwo" while the second one is called "Kehinde" In Yoruba culture the second twin is considered the elder twin; the reason for this is that Taiwo is sent by Kehinde to judge if the world is fit and beautiful before he/she descends, in accordance with Yoruba belief.

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