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Hmmmm, I don't know why some clients are like this, sincerely ifa or Orissas will not eat the animal(s), they will only take the blood. What a pity, she came to my office 2days ago, her odu ifa was Oseomolu, which means are Egberun is seriously calling her in heaven. Ifa says perform sacrifice with big she goat, my client said she will buy a hen instead and go to take blood of a she goat, since her sister's husband who is a babalawo only kill the animals and put the blood on ifa or Orissas, after that her sister will cook the goat and they will all eat it. I said things are not done that way, she was annoyed and replied I always sees you offering she goat and at the end you will divide it to your fellow awo and non awo, for this reason, you can't share my own she goat because I won't buy it, I will do as I said. She left and did as she said. This morning I heard about her sudden death. Her ignorance have killed her. Take this as a lesson for those of you who think babalawos are thieves by asking you to bring hen, goat, ram etc, I want you to know it wasn't babalawo that demanded for it, it is ifa, Orunmila the witness of fortune and misfortune simply because ifa was present when you are choosing your destiny. Ifa knows your problem and it's only ifa that can help you solve your problem because Orunmila was present when you are been created.

Oluwo Ifanla ile ife, Nigeria


This story above is form a trusted source, a Babalawo which story above I believe in fully. I know many times clients think the babalawos . Are just trying to be slick or collect money or benefit from the client. Unfortunately this does happen , more often then some might want to admit. But there are times when the Babalawo if actually being truthful. And trying to help you understand what ifa has said for you . With no hidden agenda. You know how Babalawos are suppose to operate with truthfulness and moral rectitude. I also know many Babalawos scare people into making ritual work because of fear of death.

And maybe why this one lady in the story above felt that . She knew better then the awo and more then ifa. And would do things HER WAY!. Moral of the story here is. It best to make the full ebo was prescribed and explained by the Babalawo. Then to try to act like Orunmila himself and take things into your own hands, doing as you see fit. Why even go to ifa ? in the first place is the better question?Sometimes ignorance can be a real killer!.#wordtothewisemyfreinds.

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