• Awo Ifasola Sangobolade

IKA FUN and the 16 laws

IKA OFUN are like the Pillars of Olodumare for which all adherent should follow to the letter. Unfortunately , more often then not laws or rules as they say are meant to be broken. But , none the less. It is like our 10 commandments if you will. And a true and good follower of ifa and orisa should always keep this laws in mind. In all actions , thoughts and deeds they preform in the world.


Ika Ofun, Ika funfun

Divined for sixteen elders

They were going to Ile -Ife to ask for long life

Would they live as Olodumare decreed, was their question to Ifa

The diviner told the sixteen elders that they would live long in good health, but they must

respect and obey Ifa’s SIXTEEN guiding laws :

1.You should not lie.

2.You should not perform initiation/ebo/divination without a complete knowledge, and given permission.

3. You should not mislead people with wrong information’s. Do not misrepresent yourself or your level.

4. You should not deceive people (financially or spiritually).

5. You should not claim any wisdom that you are not entitled to or embody.

6. You should humble yourselves and not be Egocentric. Do not be too wise. Do not be seeking for revenge or to always be in the right.

7. You should not be treacherous, secretly plotting, seeking advantage, or using what you believe to be an advantage you have wrongly over others.

8. You should take all Taboo(s) seriously. Do not seek to find loopholes, ways around your taboos or those of others.

9. You should not break Taboos. Taboos are not suggestions or superstitions nor are they free to be edited on your own. Taboos are given by Orisa and have their own rites performed for them. Respect the process.

10.You should always be trustworthy. Be loyal to your elders and guides in speech and deed.

11.You should not take a walking cane from a blind person.-Respect Obatala’s creations, and individuals with all forms of disabilities.

12. You should not take a cane from an Elderly-Respect Your Elders and Seniors in thoughts, actions, and speech.

13. You should not take an “Ogboni’s Wife / Husband” - Respect the Moral Laws.

14. You should not sleep with your friend’s Wife, Husband, or Spouse-Do not betray your friends or acquaintance.

15. You should not go behind and discuss secrets, do not gossip (whether true or untrue)- do not betray trusts given to you. Control yourself and let others be.

16. You should not disrespect, look or behave contemptuously towards a Babalawo/Olorisa, or your Oluwo(s). Do not seek to manipulate your elders, teachers, or anyone else through conduct, speech, or other means.