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Ifa teaches us in holy odu Ose Ogbe that if we pluck a mango off the mango tree before its time . The sweetness we seek to find in the mango will be nothing more then the taste of bitterness in our mouths. Everything has a time for germination and then baring fruit. We should rush the process of that which is are at play on our behalf. Although in a day and age of now! now! now! give me! give me! give me! Take! Take! Take!. Me! Me! Me! When , When , When , Hurry , Hurry, Hurry, Rush , Rush, Rush! Go!,Go!, Go!, Now, Now, Now! We in the West find it very hard if not impossible all together to let things take the course they need to take . ifa explains further:

The shoulders are branches of the neck

This was the ifa cast for Makanjuola, do not be in a hurry to attain honor in life.

The true son of Agbonniregun

When coming form heaven to earth

Hewas advised to offer ebo

He complied

Ifa will never die in 20 years

Those chlidren who wish to be children of ifa

Ifa says that you need not hurry to attain honour

Ifa will never die in 30 months

Those who wish to be true children of ifa

Ifa says that you need not to hurry to accomplish anything in life.

The last line in the verse above of Ose Ogbe go's against many peoples belief. At least in the western world. Where everything must happen NOW! in fact it should have already happened yesterday mentality. We our in the business of instant gratification and entitlement of those things to come. Ifa tells us that this is not the way to go about life. Walk with purpose and intent but not in a rush. May ifa wisdom serve you well .

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