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IRETE OFUN and the state of perfection.

Ori may be foreign to many in the diaspora, but it's important to understand that, through making poor choices, our Ori can in fact trump even the best laid plans and guidance offered to us by Orisa. The odu Irete Ofun says: Atefun-tefun Dia fun Okanlenirino Irunmole Won nlo sode Apere Atefun-tefun eyin oni Awo Ori lo dia fun Ori Ori nlo sode Apere Won ni ki won sakaale ebo ni sise Ori nikan0nikan ni nbe leyin ti nsebo Ebo Ori waa da ladaju Nje Ori gbona j'Orisa Ori ma gbona j'Orisa Ori nikan-nikan lo ko won l'Apeere Ko si Orisa to to nii gbe Leyin Ori eni Ori gbona j'Orisa

Translation: He who prints the chalk on the back of crocodile He was the Awo who cast Ifa for the 401 Irunmole When going to Apere (a state of perfection) He who prints the chalk on the back of crocodile The Awo of Ori who cast Ifa for Ori When Ori was going to Apere They were all advised to offer sacrifice Only Ori responded by offering the sacrifice The sacrifice of Ori had been abundantly rewarded Ori is higher then all Orisa (deities) It is only Ori which reaches Apere, the perfect state No other Orisa (deity) can give support Outside of one's Ori Ori is higher then all Orisa (deities)

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