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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Verse form irosun meji:

Eni poroporo laa godo Eji poroporo laa gosun Dia fun Baba boo-lejo-o-ba-Ipin-re-wi Oro o kan Eegun o Ko k’Oosa Eledaa eni loro o kan


One person pounds the mortar In twos do we pound camwood These were the declarations of Ifa to Baba who is advised “if you have any problems, consult your destiny” The matter is not that of Egun (ancestors) Nor that of the Orisa It is with destiny, fully and completely

Analyzing the verse about further by breaking it down.

The first line of this ese: ( verse) is a reference to the lone person making their destiny i.e (“the pounding of the mortar is done in order to do make food”).

The second is a reference to the person having gone to the Awo Ifa for divination. We know this because; camwood is the true wood used for Iyerosun, pounding is a reference to the Awo’s fingers pushing into the iyerosun:(divination powder) on the Opon Ifa: (divination tray) to make the mark of the Odu; ( celestial message of IFA).

It takes two people for there to be a consultation and lastly, the next sentence pronounces that the person must consult their destiny.

The last three sentences are a reminder that no matter what the ancestors or Orisa may tell us, it is our own destiny (and thus ourselves alone) that need to take the steps towards resolutions of our issues .

One the person with problems i.e you /the client or inquirer coming for divination etc ,needing the second which is to consult the Ifa oracle.

Which is the” Two” i.e the consultation, which can only be resolved by the one person. One to two, two to one.

Furthermore this verse speaks of the importance of bringing ancestors and òrìṣà into one’s life, but before this can be done in a positive way it is imperative that we should be conscious of our Eledáa: (destiny). The verse begins with the image of hard substances being pulverized by pounding, and calls our attention to the fact that some part of the work being preformed .

Obviously must come from oneself i.e our own efforts, while the rest comes from acknowledging that we need the help of others to forge our destiny.

This symbolic image of pounding is a metaphor for how a difficult life gives way to tranquility and satisfaction, how it is beneficial to be turned from a hard substance into an aerial and distinguished powder of magic and possibility.

It is a call to become more agile and to operate in more dynamic ways in the world, just as a powder can seep into anything anywhere while still retaining its essence.” To me this indicates being a more go with the flow type person . While still keeping who you are intact. Bend but don’t break. Conform but don’t lose your essence or integrity. When the currents of life change don’t abandon ship just readjust your sails.

“The verse states that when this work is done, ancestors and òrìṣà can enter and fortify one’s destiny. The mystery of destiny belongs to the realm of Ifá as the powers that guard against the inherent confusion of mind in this odù.

Our consciousness needs to be calm to perceive the design of our destiny. Here the ability and intellectual strength to forge one’s destiny becomes a very true possibility. To forge one’s destiny can be hard work, which is why Ìròsùn also comes with a call for patience in this great work of self discovery.”Of aligning yourself to who you truly are.And by doing so being able tp reach your optimal destined path.

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