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Iwori Meji explains to us the following:

It is the big rod that torments the gong

Torriental rains reduce the ant hill to mud

Osun Ewuji, desirous of eating and drinking

Crawled stealthily into the river

Cast divination for Eyin- Iwa ( The Thereafter)

Who is the senior of Oni ( today)

Fellow practitioner of yoruba spirituality, it is because of

Eyin- iwa ( the thereafter) that we should be benevolent to

Oni ( today)

For whatever seed we plant today

We shall reap its fruits tomorrow

Whatever we do today becomes history tomorrow

Hence, sow righteousness and honesty today for blissful tomorrow.

My thoughts on the verse above:

It is very clear that ifa once AGAIN! in iwori meji like in manyyyyyyyy ese of the literary corpus ifa reminds us. That whatever we do to others . We really and truly do to ourselves in the end. I always say no one ever got away with anything. It only seems that they did. Whatever you have rendered with you hands. Rather bestowing blessings or wickedness. Just know that at some point these days faster then that of years pass. You will end up tasting the bitterness of your wicked hand. Or the sweetness of the gentle deeds you have spread among st your fertile land called life and living. Word to the wise my friends.

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