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March 8 the day of reverence for the women. Ose Oturupon tells us the following.

The elephant roved for several years but was not hit by the javelin. The buffalo wandered for many months and did not slip into a ditch. Its only a person who fails to appreciate human beings and that is not well learned that would say a women is socially insignificant. It sis from heaven that Osun was bedecked with gold and sliver . Anyone who respects her will be blessed with money, wives, children and long life. Therefore, do not abuse women because of their sexual peculiarities.

As you can see in the above stanza ifa is pointing out the fact that those who know. Know the power women truly have within our society . As well as the virtue of respecting women and holding them in high regard . Africa has always seen the value of women within the spiritual realm of things. Many cultures believe that GOD it self is a women for her ability to create. We in yoruba culture call them the iyammi or the mothers. Also is a name attached to the famous witches of the night. That can cause great suffering and affliction to those who they wish to harm.

There is nothing like the love and blessing of women. Infact in many instances it is the ase of the women that makes things to be complete during ritual ceremonies. Like that of taking a title within the community in Yoruba traditional faith . Women have the power of creation inside them. The womb that brings things form no where to now-here. From the invisible to the visible realm. They have grown and moved the human race forward for eons and will continue to do so for many more.

This are just a few reasons why women are a significant part of the world. And why ifa state sin the above stanza . The person who fails to appreciate human beings is not well learned. Probably the truest words ever spoken. There is a reason why african spiritual systems across Africa give such reverence to women as they do . Maybe we in the states need to start getting hip to that to.

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