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My partner isn't on my same spiritual path.

In many cases, which is actually a common occurrence in this tradition. At least here in the states, where its been most of my experiences that I have come across. What happen is that in a relationship rather a marriage with or without kids. Or a long term relationship where it practically an unofficial marriage. In any case one of the two partners for whatever reason start to have an interest. In the tradition, and this interest deepens. To where the other partner that may not be aware. Or even interested in anything that has to do with the tradition in any capacity. Not only not interested but actually, totally displeased or even bothered, repulsed or even rebuke said tradition.

Its important when you make the decision to choose to walk this faith. That if you have a partner that you care about, being in a relationship with. That you talk to them about what you’re doing. Or wish to undertake and that they at least be opened minded about the subject. What is important is that your partner be educated about the topic. There is a lot of misinformation about what this tradition truly is. This mean who you deal with has to be educated on the tradition. So that then you, yourself can educate your partner properly. If your spiritual teacher hasn’t a clue how to explain the tradition to you. You’re going to be even less fit to do any explaining yourself.

This will increase your partners awareness of what you’re doing and why? And what’s really going on. Although I can say , I have seen some stories with happy endings. Where the partner that was once opposed or just didn’t understand come around. And even accepted and also came closer to the tradition themselves. Or they just accepted, the others partner choice in their chosen spiritual path . And the two can live in harmony under that same roof . With a level of understanding and acceptance for the other . But those cases with happy endings are unfortunately the few. What usually happens is that one of the two partners raises hell. Or causes the one partner to stagnate their own spiritual progress and development. Because of the resistance they are getting at home ,to further proceed as they should and would like to within the tradition .

This in my opinion is a complete hindrance to spiritual growth and development . For no one should stand in the way of your destiny. But relationship dynamics are so complex these days. That many times the partner that is against the tradition. Somehow is able to influence the partner. To shy away from what he or she wish to do because of fear of the hell they will catch back home. So as to not stir the pot, they just relent and ether stop trying to push the issue . Or stop all forms of interest all together to proceed to accommodate the partner . So that they can be happy . Meanwhile they ae suffering unimaginable agony for giving in to the will of the partner.

And these cases , happen more often than not . So the message here is . Make sure you educate yourself and your partner about the tradition . And remember if someone really loves you . They will be accepting of what your doing . If they are not at least accepting .Than your going to have a very hard time in this tradition. And I suggest you ether get rid of them. Or you just love the tradition from a far.

Because in the long run honestly, your just going to be adding more issues to your issues in your life. In the end the choice will always be up to you . These decisions aren’t always easy by any means. I know iam making it sound easy. It isn’t , and it wont be easy if it happens to you. Or if this is your actually case. But what I can advise is that , before you get serious in this tradition . Like receiving icons or initiations. Investigate your partner feelings about it . See where there head is really at . Then make decisions accordingly . Word to the wise my friends.

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