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Obaluaye [Babalu-aye] most assuredly can bring correction and healing to the things that you have highlighted but you would be greatly mistaken if you think that Obaluaye [Babalu-aye] is limited to bringing correction and healing to the things that you have mentioned.  Obaluaye [Babalu-aye] is an orisa of comprehensive healing, harmonization and integral-purification. He is expert in healing and correcting all maladies of mind, body and spirit. Obaluaye [Babalu-Aye] is not alone is his activity, he is also joined by other orisa of healing, harmonization and purification.  It is a mistake to limit and categorize him as many have done. Obaluaye [Babalu-aye] is competent in all matters pertaining to healing of all kinds of ailments, maladies and sickness of mind, body and spirit. Obaluaye [Babalu-aye] can be appealed to, to bring healing, revitalization, correction and rejuvenation [physical, moral and spiritual refreshment] of all sorts.

Obaluaye [Babalu-aye] can even cause a physically old person to have the strength, feeling, health and youthful energy of a young person. This is the reason that many people receive Obaluaye [Babalu-aye] when they get older.

Obaluaye [Babalu-aye] is a master physician who employs many spiritual disciplines and means of healing for our overall benefit, wellbeing, peace and happiness. He is a venerable, no-nonsense and loving orisa of firm and unwavering character. He is easy to approach. He is easy to love.

That is why the beginning of his name is Baba which means affectionate, wise, understanding, sympathetic and caring father. He can only be approached by the sincere and upright person because Obaluaye [Babalu-aye] has no patience for deliberate liars and intentional wrongdoers.

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