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Praying for you or Preying on you ?

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

In holy odu ogbe ate ogbe irete ifa says the following.

Even if the beginning of wrong doing is pleasant , the end of wickedness will not be good.We cannot use evil to secure goods and expect them to be anchored firmly. These were the teachings of ifa for the upright one.  The offspring of the initiated one who treads the earth in humbleness. Olodumare :(GOD)is the lord of the land. Olodumare:(GOD) is the owner of judgment. Retribution belongs to Olodumare. The king of the world will reward everyone. Precisely , according to the work of their own hands. (karma)

If you been in or around this tradition long enough . Most people in this tradition unfortunately will passed through the hands of a charlatan/or unscrupulous person . Or a person that was only and strictly after the money. I don't see an issue with money being exchanged for services. But when it only becomes about the money and literally nothing more than that. I defiantly see a disbalance going on across the board . Which unfortunately is becoming all to common these days. Getting as much out of one as they possibly can. Is to often the goal for most practioners . Not only here in the diaspora but across the entire globe.

But sadly you can count yourself amongst the lucky if all they were able to do is take your money. Most have had it way worst than that. Many experienced extreme life traumatic events , at the hands of those they thought .They could trust as "elders" and or spiritual guides . IFA also states that one will have to travel far and long to come across a good Babalawo. The above stanza of ogbe ate lets us know that. None of what people do with negative intentions to in some way  shape or form. Will go unchecked by the powers that be. But unfortunately this does mean you wont go through . These heatless peoples mechanism they have already laid out for you. For rest assured there is more often than not an agenda laid out very masterfully in your honor. For what your seeing laid before you isn't gold . But a gold wrapped turd your about to step in .

But this is why it is important to look at who your dealing with carefully. And not just jump into something with someone just because things seems to look good. Don't fall for the popular and well known. You be surprised how this tradition has a way of hiding fuckery all the way at the top of the isese mountain of seemingly successful priest and priestesses.

Majority of people aren't really praying for you and with you . Most people these days  are more than likely really just preying on you! and your money. Because , we yet haven't valued how to cherish good people that come to us . Good people have it the worst I suppose. For once they see you come with open hands and a open heart .You instantly become shark bait.

Its like they can smell the blood of innocence a mile away. The newbies are prime one target for falling for okie dokes. How do I know this ? Because I was that person iam talking about. And sadly, this is why people , just get feed up with these traditions . And end up throwing away there spiritual icons and truing Christian . And honestly I can even blame them one bit. At times it seem no matter where you turn to .Its a dead end trap for fuckery and bullshit money grab schemes . So if your entering this tradition thinking its any different than any other religious sec. Your dead wrong! and your surely will find out the hard way.

Most people are full of shit , and will take you for the ride of your life. And once they sucked you dry for all that your worth. That's where they exit and leave you high and dry. That's if your lucky and they don't leave you homeless or dead .Or become a life long enemy that will wage war against you till your dead . Not to mention the horrific sexual misconduct that is also rampant in this tradition. Why do I bring all this up? Because , sadly many ,mainly new seekers. Haven't a single clue of all these happenings and goings on within the tradition. So if your reading this , and your a new seeker . I honestly hope you take heed to the consul given here. For you very well may have to find out the hard way. Anyone with years in this tradition know all that I state here is 100% truth!

But regardless of the constant never ending fuckery and fighting in this tradition. Iam of the mind set that if you cant find a good person in this tradition. Than how about being one. I have had my share of trails and tribulations during my own journey thus far in this beautiful widely misunderstood tradition.

I took all those harsh lessons in and well…. here iam today. Making the best out of a seemly bad situation ( the state of affairs of this tradition ). Don't be discouraged by those that might have taken advantage of you or have hurt you in the past . Take it in stride , and learn form the lesson it taught you . Rest assured , there still good people in this tradition, that care and actually live the ancient wisdom of ifa best they can . So when you come across one of those said people . I suggest you never let go of them. Because they are as rare as finding a diamond on the side of the road.

So what to do about all this madness? I say just keep cultivating your own good karma and let others cultivate there own . For ogunda meji lets us know that . No wicked deed will go unsanctioned . As well as no good deed will go unrewarded. You will come to know that nothing built on false grounds can stay firmly built for long. Know that sooner or later the mask these scandalous people wear will fall off. But mainly don't let the actions of other's turn you into someone your not. Continue to stay the course of righteousness and do the right thing. Not because its the right thing to do . But because that's who you are. A person that does the correct thing for it is what your made of.

Remember ,that it isn't the orisas fault that it humans that ruin everything. This is a humanbeing problem not an orisa problem . So before you embark on your journey just make sure whoever your dealing with. Isn't preying on you but actually praying for you . Word to the wise my friends, and good lucky on your journeys .

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