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Self - Reflection is paramount for attaining everlasting wisdom.

Oworin meji tells us the following about being a self - reflective person .

To establish sound wisdom , we must first engage in serious self- reflection. To remove the seeds of confusion. Cogent decisions are a result of deep thought about concepts and beliefs that we live by. Anyone who follows a non- reflective person would surely regret it in the end.

My thoughts: Here ifa tells us that in order to gain wisdom of any real value. One must take some time to analyze his or her actions. Yes the past is in the past and somethings no matter how hard we try can not be changed. But what we can change is ourselves, in this moment in the here and now .We all might have made errors at some point in our lives journey. WE are human and that part of the live experience . But we must do our best to correct them for a better future. Furthermore ifa also points to the fact that if we joining or associate or follow . Other people who are none self reflective sooner or later will we be wishing we had not done so. For this to can bring us great misfortunes. Word to the wise my friends.

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