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The Day of wailing and the day of IFA

The holy odu OGBE OWORIN tells us , why IFA is worshiped every five days. We Babalawos give our due respect and homage by performing of ritual, casting odu and preforming sacrifices when need be and indicated by the oracle.

Ogbe Oworin is one of the odus that explains to us the reason why every 5 days. We come to worship our IFA or our own personally ikin which is our own IFA as Babalawo’s. We adhere to what is known as (ose ifa day) so that. The spirit of IFA and that of Esu which are both worshipped on the same prayer day schedule. Will in turn help us to avert death. Along with any other possible negativities, that we may possibly encounter. As this is why having IFA, is essential in getting ahead of the problems at hand before they fully are able to manifest in the seemly tangible world.

Itan:( story)

Every five days, Death used to visit the world and kill many people in their youth. Consequently, there used to be a wailing and gnashing of teeth from friends, relations, and well-wishers of those who had been taken away by Death. As a result there was chaos and anarchy in the world. Nobody knew when his or her turn was next. People therefore behaved as they wished, without conscious of their actions.

Worried about the development of the goings on, Orunmila consulted his group of Awos to find out what must be done to put a stop to this madness. He also wanted to know what to do to bring life on earth back to normal as it once was. The Awo told him to perform rituals of two kolanuts and two bitter kolas with a bottle of gin to Ifa early in the morning of the “Day of Wailing” He was also to offer assorted types of food to Esu Odara that same day. He was advised never to go out that day. He Orunmila complied with the request of the awo’s.

When Death came on the “Day of Wailing”, he went straight to Orunmila’s house but met Esu outside. Esu invited Death to feast, but Death told Esu that he was on a mission on earth. Esu asked what the mission was. Death responded that he had come to take away Orunmila and the majority of his follower’s .Esu Odara said that it’s quite a simple mission since they were in front of Orunmila’s home and most of Orunmila’s followers were not difficult to identify. They’re always seen with their Ide ifa (identifying beads of ifa ) around their wrists and on their necks. Esu persuaded Death to partake in the feast. After persuasion, Death joined Esu in the meal.

Immediately after taking the food, Death excused himself in order to go and accomplish the task for which he came. Esu however asked Death if he knew the owner of the food they had just eaten. Death replied that he did not. Esu then told him that Orunmila was the provider of the food. Esu went further by stating that the purpose for providing the food was to take away the “Day of Wailing” from Death so that people would no longer be dying in their youth. Death got annoyed and was about to proceed into Orunmila’s house. Esu ordered him back and told him that he (Death) was forbidden from entering Orunmila’s house to wreak havoc.For he death had eaten his food, drinking his water and wine and taking his kolanuts.

Death then claimed that he was not informed that the food was provided by Orunmila and that the purpose for providing the food was to take away his favorite day from him. Esu responded that it was the responsibility of Death to find out before sitting down to eat. Since he had not asked, he had no moral right to hurt Orunmila’s and or his followers.

In short that was how Death left, defeated. Orunmila then he changed the name from the “Day of Wailing” to “Day of Ifa” which is known as ose ifa day. That was how Orunmila’s followers worshiped Ifa Day, which is being observed by all his followers till this very day . Orunmila was so happy that he began to give praised to his group of Awos thus: The verse of Ogbe oworin goes as follows.

Hunger will never set into one’s mind (stomach)

For other matter to have space for deliberation

That was the one who cast Ifa for Orunmila

When he was going to snatch ” Day of Wailing” away from Death

When he was going to snatch “Day of Wailing” away from Death

He was asked to offer sacrifice

He complied.

Before long

Join us in the midst of abundant well being

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