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Those who don't not wish us to succeed in life. Will have IFA and ESU to contend with.

In oworin ogunda ifa declares the following on those detractors (none well wishers) who wish us to fail in life and in all our endeavors . Those who are divinely connected to orisa shall benefit from the protection of both IFA and ESU!


The water fetched from a fountain the previous day does not go stale.

The leftover of the water used the previous day does not taste bitter in the mouth.

The water fetched the previous day is declared useless in a prosperous man's house.

The beer in a miserly man house will eventually become stale.

These were ifa's delarations to Gdudu-Ala, the child of Bakee ( Esu Odara)

He was advised to offer ebo ( sacrifice ) of prosperity

He complied

If not for IFA

And esu odara

Nobody wishes and awo to succeed

These were ifa's declarations to Gdudu-Ala, the child of Bakee ( Esu Odara).

The above stanza shows us that although many wish us to fail. And although we maybe alone in the support of our endeavors of life . We who have ifa and esu by our side and are of good character. Shall not worry , but place our trust in IFA and in ESU. To come to our aid . So that the negative thoughts and actions and deeds of others. Amount to nothing for us. With will continue to give us boundless opportunities and Esu . Will surely make that which seems impossible possible for those who make sacrifice and have good character . And or divinely connected to orisa! This is the benefit of having IFA and esu in our lives. Surely IFA and Esu are praise worthy ASE!

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