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What is Egbe Orun our heaven mates.

i want to start off by saying that this egbe orun icon pictured in the post above . Is one of many ways egbe Orun is constructed as an icon to worship . You will find this as a recurring theme of different icons construction for different regions across yorubaland . This doesn't make one better than the other. It just makes it what it is and nothing more. Always keep this in mind as they saying goes different strokes for different folks.

These communities in the Òrun (heaven) are a similar to a fraternity of spiritual friends or comrades , family, being one of the most powerful celestial fraternities, consisting of father, mother, friend, husband/wife who are the liaison with what we call Egbé Òrun.

Egbé Òrun is somewhat complex, difficult and even mysterious subject, with so many questions that many times have no real answers.

According to the Yorùbá tradition belief everyone has their Egbé Òrun, no matter the color, race, creed, nationality or religion or sexual orientation . Literally every human being on earth has an heavenly Egbe.

Within the cult of Egbé in yorubaland there are people of various backgrounds , and even of different religions beliefs , such as Christians, Muslims and Traditional Religion, the fact of being a member is not do to belief in traditional practices but rather one of necessity for each individual .

Egbé Òrun is part of each person's daily life. There are people that the relationship with your Egbé Òrun is very intense and others not so much, it varies form person to person .

Egbé Òrun is not òrìsà and is also not related to the Ori nor to the fate of each individual.

Egbé Òrun is a very specific cult with its own characteristics in which certain matters should only be treated by people specializing in this area.

Although all of us belong to Egbé Òrun, not all problems are related or connected to Egbé, and not all who are born and die young or premature or have difficulties in life while young are always àbíkú or emèrè-that means that not everyone has promises with Egbé Òrun. Although many do many don’t .

There are people who have made promises though to return to their Egbé Òrun, as what is known as Àbíkú or Emèrè. Both die young and what would be seen as before there time . These promises made in heaven before our decent into these bodies we now have. Can bring many feelings of not being fulfilled provoke the feeling of missing someone – the desire to return can bring strong disturbances in the terrestrial life of each individual depending on the severity of the case of each individual.

Àbíkú and Emèrè belong to the Egbé Òrun and these two are referred to as elegbés they distinguish themselves by the promises made to their companions/friends in the celestial group or fraternity , which will influence their earthly sojourn .

However it is important to make clear that the members of the Egbé Òrun are loyal to their companions on Earth, always providing everything good, but when the promise is not being fulfilled there is an energetic disequilibrium.

Conclusion all human beings have a fraternity in the Òrun (Heaven), but only a few make promises with their spiritual companions.

Never the less Egbe still remains a very important source for everyone to help aid them In there earthly journey to help . Each one of us reach our highest and optimal destinies.

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