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When IFA and Orisa fail to respond.

Ifá-Orisa: When Ifá and the Orisa do not respond, Patience and clear-thinking are 90% of our Ifá-Orisa faith. Never throw away your Ifá and your Orisa. Ifá and the Orisa love you and can only do good to you. [Do not lose your faith and confidence in Ifá]:

Have you ever heard the commentary that some people make which states that Ifá and the Orisa are slow in their work and that they work very slowly [or not fast enough]? This commentary which one frequently hears and is often repeated by others does it have a basis in actuality [reality]?

Let me share with you my answer and my personal observation. Ifá and the Orisa do not work slow or fast according to our human estimation of slow or fast. Ifá and the Orisa have a lot of things to take into account when they are considering granting our requests. Ifá and the Orisa always work in harmony with IPONRI [the divine plan or blueprint which has been drawn for each person according to the ordinances of Olodumare] and ORI [the sacred, unique, individually crafted divine monitor, guide and personal presence of Olodumare which dwells in our mind]. Ifá and the Orisa do not accomplish their work in terms of slow or fast according to our human estimation. Ifá and the Orisa work, serve us and offer us their support and help in terms of what is genuinely beneficial for us, and all in its correct and proper time, stage, phase and moment.

Ifá and the Orisa are not taking into account our personal scheme of time. Ifá and the Orisa know all too well that we [humanity] as a whole are basically in a state of moral-spiritual immaturity. Ifá and the Orisa know all too well how selfish, erratic, annoying, mean and vain we can be. This is why when we make a request to Ifá and the Orisa they do not limit themselves to just our momentary desires and requests. Ifá and the Orisa see beyond the limited sphere of our isolated desires and wants. Ifá and the Orisa see beyond our passing desires and momentary requests, they contemplate our IPONRI and they coordinate themselves with our ORI. From our human and relative point of view Ifá and the Orisa work ‘slow’ or ‘fast’. From the standpoint and perspective of Ifá and the Orisa they always act with the same precision, urgency and intensity. Ifá and the Orisa always work and realize their labors with the same measure of devotion, interest and urgency, but we experience the results of their work and labors at the precise, propitious and beneficial moment that is truly best for us.

Ifá and the Orisa always give us an answer and a positive help but we do not always perceive it as such because it does not always manifest in the way and manner that we personally expected and/or wanted. Even when Ifá and the Orisa apparently do not answer us or respond to us it is for our own good. Even when sometimes they do not answer us in the way, time and manner that we want this does not mean that they are not working things out on our behalf. Other times they give us an immediate response but we do not see it or comprehend the answer because the answer goes beyond our limited request, and because the response they gave us corrects and addresses what we really needed to be corrected instead of what we thought or felt we wanted or needed.

Having said this let me ask you a question for your own reflection: Are the Orisa existing for us to put them to ‘work’ or are the Orisa existing for us to love? There is no Orisa who ‘works’ best than the Orisa who is truly loved, revered and valued by his or her devotee. Relate to Ifá and the Orisa without egoism and vanity and you can be sure that you will always receive immediate blessings and benefits.

Here below is a story from Odu-Ifá Ogunda-Oyeku [Ogunda-Aíra]: Which will shed light on that which has been already stated above.

There was once an awo [a devotee] called Aikulola who faithfully cared for and attended to his Ifá. With regularity he consulted his Iponri and with great obedience he practiced [obeyed] what Ifá instructed him to do. Aikulola also offered ebo in a timely and unfailing fashion. Aikulola always asked Ifá for prosperity [financial and/or economic blessings]. Ifá revealed to Aikulola and promised him that without a doubt the blessing would be his. Many days, many weeks and several years went by and it seemed liked the promised blessing of Ifá was not going to manifest.

Aikulola thought within himself, “The promised blessing of Ifá has not come, is not coming and is never going to come! What is the point of me investing my time, effort, energy and my scarce and limited resources in something that I am not seeing or getting the benefit of it!?”

In all fairness we cannot quickly fault Aikulola for reasoning and feeling as he did. I think that all Ifá-Orisa devotees that have had oris or ifa for some time . In some way, shape or form have had a similar experience or have felt something similar to what Aikulola felt.

Aikulola decided that he was going to consult Ifá one more time to find out what was going on. The only thing that Ifá said to Aikulola was that he wanted to eat some Eku [an edible rodent]!!!

[The ways, thoughts and purposes of Ifá are not like our human ways. Everything Ifá asks from us, whether we presently understand the reason or not, will have a finality of blessing, success, illumination, wonder and satisfaction for us.]

Well, Aikulola had reached the end of his patience and in a very irritated and annoyed manner he told Ifá, “I don’t have any money to buy eku for you! For years I have been loyal to you. I have attended to you and I have always done what you asked of me. I have only asked one thing from you and you have not given me what you promised. I have fulfilled my part but you have not fulfilled yours!”

In a very angry, disappointed and dissatisfied manner Aikulola took his Ifá and carried it to the countryside, and he placed Ifá in the center of a field. Aikulola told Ifá, “If you want to eat bushrat then go out to hunt them yourself and eat as many bush rats as you want!!!”

Aikulola in a very angry, disappointed and irritated mood left the countryside and abandoned his Ifá in the center of the field. Ifá remained and stayed there in the field in a state of amazement with a smile of sympathy, friendship and love for Aikulola because Aikulola did not know how much Ifá loved him.

The next day Aikulola decided to go out to the field to see what had happened to his Ifá. Even though Aikulola was very angry and frustrated with Ifá he also loved and respected Ifá. When Aikulola arrived at the countryside he went into a state of shock and was astonished by what he saw. Aikulola became filled with amazement and trepidation when he saw a great amount of dead bush rats surrounding his Ifá and spreading out for a good distance!!!

[How great is Ifá! Ifá does not need anything from us. We are the ones who need something from Ifá. Ifá is not dependent on us. We are the ones who have to depend upon Ifá.] Ifá manifested this miracle so as to get Aikulola’s attention and to demonstrate his power and ability to accomplish what he sets out to do.

Aikulola became aware that Ifá could realize wonders and that Ifá has power and wisdom to accomplish whatever Ifá purposes to accomplish. Aikulola picked up his Ifá and he also gathered many eku to complete the ebo and offering that Ifá had asked of him. Once again time passed by and the promise of financial prosperity did not arrive in the life of Aikulola. Aikulola began to lose his confidence in Ifá. He had faith in part and doubt in part. He felt confidence in part and he felt worried in part. Aikulola, in his confused state began to reason within himself, “Ifá has the power to hunt and capture eku but Ifá has not been able to fulfill the promise of prosperity that he made to me.”

In his hurting and confused state Aikulola thought, “Maybe Ifá will take my life just like he took the life of the bushrats! If Ifá is not going to give me the promised prosperity neither will Ifá take my life then!”

Take note here at this juncture:Consider my dear readers what discouragement and disillusionment causes one to think when it seems that one’s expectations will not be realized! How unfounded were Aikulola’s fears and worries. Since when is Ifá a menace to sincere and honest people? Ifá is all kindness, love, sympathy, truth and rectitude. The thoughts of Aikulola became clouded and darkened because of his lack of patience and confidence towards the words of Ifá. When a person loses their spiritual certainty, their faith, their patience and their spiritual support, fear and worry sets in and manifests in one’s life. Aikulola was only focused on what he wanted, how he wanted it and when he wanted it. He was blinded by his blind passions and unregulated desires. Aikulola was not considering the heart and sentiment of Ifá towards him. Aikulola was not considering Olodumare’s timing and moment to confer upon Aikulola what he promised him via Ifá. Aikulola was not aware of the things that Ifá was aware of.

Aikulola did not know or understand that if the financial prosperity came to him at the time when he wanted it to come it would have led to his downfall and suffering. There were many things that Ifá knew about Aikulola that Aikulola did not know about himself. Ifá knew that Aikulola would have ruined his life if he had conferred the financial prosperity when Aikulola wanted it, because Aikulola was still very immature inwardly, he had hidden weaknesses, he had hidden negative tendencies, unregulated passions and strong impulsiveness and he would not have used the money in a good way. Aikulola was not in a condition of internal maturity, patience, responsibility and clarity of thought to wisely and advantageously administer a boon of prosperity.

Aikulola had many unregulated passions that would have ruined him through receiving this money earlier on in his life. This is why Ifá with great love and astuteness withheld the guaranteed blessing for a season until Ifá had developed adequate maturity, patience and clear-thinking in the life of Aikulola. It was not the correct time for Aikulola to receive the financial boon but in due course it would definitely come. Everything that Aikulola was experiencing from the beginning until the present moment was the method and precise remedy of Ifá that Aikulola needed to experience so that he could acquire the inner-qualities that would qualify him to advantageously handle the assured and guaranteed promise of financial abundance.

Needless to say that again Aikulola became so angry with Ifá because Ifá was not doing things in the way and manner that he wanted that Aikulola decided that he no longer wanted to know anything about Ifá! Aikulola decided that he would discard his Ifá forever! Aikulola lifted up his Ifá and carried it on his head with the intention of throwing his Ifá into the first river he saw.

While Aikulola was walking in the countryside looking for the river, the compassionate, sympathetic, wise and lovable Òrúnmìlà manifested and appeared to Aikulola in the form of a beautiful, radiant and supremely attractive bird. The bird [who was Òrúnmìlà] with great spiritual power, charisma and energy began to sing to Aikulola in a sweet, gentle and attractive tone:

“Aikulola! Aikulola! Do not throw away your Ifá.The bird spoke out to Akikulola . The promised blessings of prosperity and riches that you long to receive will surely come to you. Please, do not throw away your Ifá. The good things of life that you yearn to receive, without a doubt, will surely be yours. Aikulola! Please do not throw away your Ifá.”

The words of Òrúnmìlà via the divine bird entered the heart of Aikulola like an arrow penetrates a target. Aikulola greatly moved [touched] to the roots and core of his being took his Ifá back home. He consulted Ifá and offered the corresponding ebo. Ifá told Aikulola that he as well as all the orisa have the authority, wisdom and power to grant, manifest and fulfill all that they have promised to their devotees. If they do not confer the promised blessing in the timing that we personally want it is because there is a good reason for it. Ifá and the Orisa will not always tell us why, but we can be sure that if they do not grant us what we have asked for with the speed or quickness that we would like it is because it would not be good for us at that time.

On other occasions our requests will be granted with quickness and immediacy. Whether they answer us ‘slowly’ or ‘quickly’ according to our relative estimation of things, everything will be accompanied and realized with our true and highest happiness, peace, satisfaction and wellbeing in mind.

Soon after consulting Ifá and attending to his Ifá the power and promise of Ifá manifested in the life of Aikulola. Aikulola received all kinds of blessings, benefits and abundance in addition to what he specifically asked Ifá for. With tears of joy and with a heart full of love, appreciation and clear-understanding, Aikulola gave thanks to Ifá for doing things according to his Iponri and not according to his isolated desires and unregulated passions!How good it is to know that Ifá and the Orisa will always do for us only those things that are for our own good. Sometimes things will manifest according to our thoughts and expectations and sometimes they will manifest in a different manner.

No matter how and when it manifests it will always prove to be for our benefit, advancement, peace and happiness. Ifá and the Orisa are our spiritual fathers and mothers, and we are their children, sons and daughters. Let us never lose sight of this fact. Let us never lose this knowledge and awareness. Let us be patient, of good cheer and persevering. Let us not be merchants towards Ifá and the Orisa. Let us not be rude or disrespectful towards Ifá and the Orisa. Let us not have a calculating spirit, selfish-motives, impatience and an indifferent spirit. Let us serve Ifá and the Orisa with genuine and pure love, with responsible lives, and they will take care of the rest.

I want to emphasize that Ifá and the Orisa are good, kind and lovable. Ifá and the Orisa are not the owners of our lives and we are not slaves of Ifá and the Orisa. Ifá and the Orisa are our friends and they are here to help all of those who want to avail themselves of their assistance. If you decide that you want to resolve the issues, problems and challenges in your life independently of the help of Ifá and the Orisa that is your right and prerogative to do so as you wish!

If you decide that you want to order your life independently of the counsel of Ifá and the Orisa then that’s totally fine . Ifá and the Orisa are available to you when you want to avail yourself of their help. Ifá and the Orisa are not trying to impose themselves on our lives, neither are they attempting to make slaves of us. They are our friends and well-wishers. They are here to help when we need and want their help. Ifá and the Orisa do not use tactics of fear and intimidation to obligate people. Let us acquire a true understanding and appreciation for Ifá and the Orisa.

There is another thing that I wish to touch upon. All human beings have the right, privilege, freedom and duty to persevere in that vision of spirituality that is meeting their need. We were created with the freedom to grow, to learn and to make as many changes and adjustments as we feel necessary. We are not intrinsically bound or fixed to any path of spirituality. The reason I say this is because if there is a person who was formerly a devotee of Ifá-Orisa but now feels that his or her destiny is leading them to another spiritual affinity or expression of faith or religion, there is no reason at all for this person to feel fear, anxiety, worry or apprehensive if he or she now wants to change their spiritual-religious affiliation.

If you do not want to continue on the path of Ifá-Orisa because you have found something that better suits your needs please do not feel fearful, anxious or worried. Ifá teaches us to follow our honest and sincere spiritual convictions. It is good and best to follow ones honest spiritual affinities and evolving spiritual convictions. If you decide to not pursue the path of Ifá and Orisa I ask one thing from you. Be respectful. Be considerate. Be kind. Please treat your Ifá and your Orisa with respect and do not throw away your Ifá and your Orisa because Ifá and the Orisa have only done good to you. Ifá and the Orisa have never taught you to practice things that are dishonest. Ifá and the Orisa have only taught you rectitude, good character, friendship, love, acceptance, truthfulness and compassion.

Some people come to Ifá-Orisa to stay and for others it is only a temporary but important stage or phase in their lives. Be respectful,remember the joy, encouragement, benefits and love you received from Ifá and the Orisa and do not throw away your Ifá and your Orisa in a river or in the trash. With respect and without fear just give your Ifá and your Orisa to your spiritual godfather or godmother. If you have grown in another spiritual direction then that is fine and there is nothing wrong with that. Pursue your new developed affinities but be respectful to Ifá and to the Orisa. Ifá and the Orisa will the the first ones to bless you and to encourage you on your new journey.

Ifá and the Orisa will not be upset or angry with you because you have decided to embrace another spirituality. Ifá and the Orisa only want and seek your happiness, peace and fulfillment. Continue to press forward without worry, anxiety or fear. Ifá and the Orisa do not harm they only confer blessing, benefit and wholesome correction. Ifá and the Orisa are noble, understanding, just and unselfish. They are here to help all who want to receive their help. They are not interested in obstructing the happiness of anyone. If at some future date you decide to come back to your Ifá-Orisa roots, Ifá and the Orisa will be here to receive you with love, understanding and sympathy. The path of Ifá and the Orisa is a path of good conscience, peace, moral-spiritual-intellectual freedom and tenderness. There is no fear or worry in Ifá-Orisa.

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