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Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Holy odu ifa IROSUN MEJI states the following.

Eni poroporo laa godo

Eni pororporo laa gosun

Dia fun baba boo- lejo-o-ba-ipin-re-wi

Oro o kan Eegun o

Ko k Oosa

Eledaa eni loro o kan


One by one do we pound with mortar

In twos do we pound camwood

These were the declaration of ifa to baba who is advised

That if you have any problem , consult your destiny

The matter is not that of ancestors

Nor that of the deities

It is with the destiny fully and completely

The above stanza of IROSUN MEJI tells us clearly that the key to helping. Solving our problems lies within us! through that which we call ‘destiny’ or our inner GOD . In IFA the aspect of destiny is a pointer to our inner GOD self. Or divine spark within that which knows the what, the who, and why’s of all that you are going through and how to navigate best through what we are facing. Many times you are the main obstacle in your own way. This is why I like the saying your either on the way or in the way. Which is really a pointer to being in alignment or dis-alignment with divine self within. At times we can’t see this because we are so caught up in the rat race of life and living. That we can’t seem to see certain issues that are facing us. Majority of our problems stem from the never ending battle of EGO separate self-struggling with the divine self within. This struggle usually ends up having two main results . 1 is actually attaining alignment with divine self through correct action. Or 2 the struggles of life which often times pulls you more to what is a dis-alignment/ disharmony with your divine self.

Which leads to all sorts off problems which are innumerable in number. Ego separate self does not understand because it can’t seem to grasp the bigger picture. Those things that are beyond the mind/intellect . Like Albert Einstein once said. ‘Problems cannot be solved with the same mind that created them.” Being in alignment with ones ORI always renders one good/positive things in life . While on the other hand dis-alignment well as you can imagine not so much. Ifa once again strikes the cord of ultimate truth and wisdom here in holy oud Irosun meji.

Advising us look within look to ORI to help you assist with the problem or issue at hand . Which in ifa translates into go and consult with your ORI so as to better be advised on what is the best course of action for you at this time. Ifa main objective in the end is to help us all of us on how to . Better align ourselves with that which you ultimately are. Spirit incarnate or GOD source in physical form . The last line in the verse above encapsulates the ultimate message of ifa for human kind. It is with the destiny fully and completely. May we always do our best to be in alignment with our ORI ase!

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