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As a Cuban-American growing up in South Florida, Awo Ifasola, Sangobolade  would regularly witness and observe his mother working. Within the Afro-Cuban tradition

( the lucumi community of Miami,F.L. ), while she would construct orisha shrines, more commonly known as ("thronos.") or throne. This early childhood exposure to Afro-Cuban way of yoruba spirituality. Soon sparked an interest into wanting to know more about this ancient spiritual African philosophy and way of life.  His curiosity as well as the undeniable intriguing lure associated with this ancient  African tradition . Would eventually be to much to ignore. This became the catalyst, in  which would lead him to  several trips to the heart of West Africa. in Ogun state S.W ,Nigeria where his growth and learning deepened within the African spiritual practice , known as isese lagba. Or IFA and Orisa lifestyle and philosophy. As is practiced in Yorubaland (South West Nigeria).


Awo Ifasola has undergone initiation into the priesthood of Ifa as a Babalawo beginning in Ode Remo, Ogun State Nigeria at the hands of his Oluwo the late  Araba Adesanya Awoyade. Additionally he is an initiate of Sango! Becoming an oni Sango which has been paramount for supporting his destiny. As a priest diviner and spiritual healer/guide ,Awo Ifasola is first generation Cuban- American who speaks and reads both Spanish and English fluently. Serving his community very efficiently in whatever atmosphere he finds himself in .



An avid herbal plants medicine enthusiast, Awo Ifasola combines his knowledge and experience with botanicals into his practice of Ifa with the making of spiritual baths, soaps and Akose( medicine) for the purposes of cleansing, protection, business, attraction of blessings/good luck, and numerous other spiritual applications. 



Awo ifasola has experience working with all types of people form wide range diverse backgrounds, races cultures and ages. From new seekers of Ifa/Orisa to businessmen, all type of  professionals, individuals from all spiritual faiths and walks of life from young to old and everywhere in between.  He has consulted people from all over the world. From within the United states  to countries allover the world. To Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Cuba, Sweden, South Korea and counting.


He has also proudly served his country as a United States Marine from 1998-2002 where he was honorably discharged. Awo Ifasola brings those same core values of  honor, respect, and integrity that where instilled in him in the militray. To his spiritual healing work as an ifa preist .  Service to others has been a  life long passion  for ifasola. Especially when serving the elderly population within his community as he has done for many years. As a former  physical therapist assistant as well as a Licensed massage therapist. He has dedicated himself to service to others and the arts of healing on a physical and spiritual level. He is a loving family man and father to a beautiful baby girl. 

                                            MISSION STATEMENT:


Awo Ifasola’s purposeful intent is to motivate, inspire, and elevate each individual he comes into contact with. Doing his best to be able to plant the seeds of wisdom within everyone that seeks IFA consul. Using the ancient wisdom of the Ifa oracle to better guide all that come seeking the spiritual counsel. By implementing these timeless teachings to assist, all in the re-conditioning of those acquired conditionings. We have  come to gather over time. Things which no longer serve us in a positive manner. This approach in turn helps everyone align themselves, that much better with that GOD source within. As an initiated and practicing priest Awo Ifasola is fulfilling his purpose as a spiritual healer, teacher, guide and diviner, through and with the support  of Ifa and Orisa the ancestors and the supreme creator of all Olodumare. 

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Babalawo/Priest/ Diviner  

The function of the Babalawo is to interpret the messages of ifa imbedded in odu ifa  to the inquirer. As well as help each person realign themselves back on to their destined path via rituals/spiritual offerings . Through the tools available to the babalawo. This includes but not limited too, prayers a nd offerings / sacrifice/ appeasements of all types that are spiritual in nature.  Which in turn re-directs energetic life lines within the person's earthly life experiences/ destiny. Affecting ones projected destiny or destined path to that of a more positive one. Which is more desired and/or more favorable one than the life path currently being lived out or experienced, previously up to that point in space and time.

The Babalawo work must always be assisted by the individuals seeking IFA wisdom and consul  . It is by the inquirers  willingness to personally Implement and actualize IFA message persons life that things will go from ok to better to great. 

In actuality it is ifa message via odu ifa that is about 90% of the actual sacrifice that needs to be made .What good is a message, if one is not going to follow it? The clients participation in wanting to better him or herself is a  absolute MUST!!!. For all of IFA prophecy to manifest properly and tangibility and  in a timely manner in ones life. IFA does not speak for the sake of speaking. When it speaks via odu ifa it is for our benefit and we should take heed to listen closely  and take heed of the advice.


what to expect from a ifa reading?

With the exception of a few divinations like that of itelodu ( IFA initiation into the priesthood of diviners). DAFA: (Divination ) Will provide one with a momentary glimpse into the true nature . Of what is really  happening in a persons life. This includes mainly their actions . The actions of others and the nature of people that make up there surroundings.  You can expect to gain a better understanding or attain  a clearer insight into your life path experiences. You are currently going through and /or will go through and or  have gone through already. This should always be kept in mind. 

The reading will reveal the energies that are affecting your life path/destiny in a positive. Or a not so positive manner. IFA will make clear to you, what needs to be done via ebo or what is better known as prescribed sacrifice. To better help assist you attain a more favorable outcome on that which you have come to consult the Ifa oracle about. IFA  will help you find a solution to the issues that concern you .  IFA is equal to solutions because all problems have a solution within them. Its just a matter of seeking them out.


IFA is the tool we implement to find said solutions otherwise overlooked or difficult to find answers  . IFA gives us the best route to take in any given situation or circumstance. IFA will also assist us by giving us  what we call taboo's or eewoo. These taboos can be seen as  are prohibitions that one is well to follow and adhere to . So that the best possible outcomes that can be attained after all sacrifices have been made . (Please find the TABOO write up in the blog section of this site).







What is Ebo or Sacrifice? 


Through the specific offering of the advised ebo: better known as prescribed sacrifice. Which the  Ifa orcale  has recommended through consultation via odu Ifa. Ifa will be able to better assist in the  strengthening/ securing the possible foreseen positive energies better known as “ire” surrounding your life.Or if in a prophacey of ibi. Ifa will through ebo. To help avert and or completely or at least greatly diminish any existing unfavorable energies surrounding your life. rendering the best outcome possible in both instances. Or rather , in which ever energictical resonance the orcale has see you in for the time being.


It is through offering of sacrifice/appeasement (EBO) as well as ritualistic  prayer that Ifa via the Babalawo and his Ase or ( inherent  spiritual power) is able to spiritually/metaphysically  mend things for us in the unseen spiritual realms. Ifa seeks to find a balancing of energies through prescribed sacrifice . Its a lot like a reaching spiritual level of homeostasis via sacrifice. Which are internal as well as external via offerings to selected orisas etc . Once you match frequencies with that which is desired. It has the ase to make things to manifest in the seemly tangible relams.

PLEASE TAKE NOTEEbo or ( prescribed sacrifice) will ALWAYS! be advised by Ifa anytime the oracle is cast, without exception. Keep in mind that the divination fee  and the fee for making the EBO is a completely (Separate Fee).


Divination with the oracle of Ifa is one thing while EBO:(prescribed sacrifice) is another. It is very similar to visiting the doctor . The visit is one fee . While the medication prescribed, is a  total different and separate  fee. This is no different , to the way western doctors operate. This should give one a better understanding on the workings of divination and ebo or sacrifices. 


Financial cost of EBO's: ( divinatory prescribed sacrifices). Monetary sacrifice can vary, depending on the magnitude of the issue . As well as materials  needed to preform said prescribed sacrifice indicated by the oracle. The monetary sacrifice to be issued to each individual  will always, be left up to spirit. Via the IFA oracle divinatory reading  . Because it is only the spirit of IFA that knows what is the correct monetary sacrifice  that should be needed and added. To the other elements  as a spiritual offerings  by each individual. In  accordance to what ifa has prophesied . Through odu ifa  revealed for each individual. Which is a case by case basis for we are all different and dont all have the exact same issues or concerns. This isnt a one size fits all or cookie cutter type process. Ebo or sacrifices can be as individualistic as one own finger prints . 


Let's keep in mind that ifa considers  money as a  form or as and item of sacrifice. Please find and read my blog  page post under the title of (The significance of monetary sacrifice) to give you a better understanding on the IFA perspective of how money. OR financial sacrifice  is seen when it comes to performance of ebo or within the realm of ifa.








How long do I have to make my Ebo ?


 All ebos should be done in a timely manner. It all has to do with things being able to manifest in a timely manner  in your favor. For example , if one goes to the doctor and the doctor prescribes you medicine for a problematic  symptom or  sickness you are experiencing .You don't wait 3 months later to take the medicine . If not the sickness or problem never go's away or gets worst or further complicated. Or just plainly just never gets better. This is really no different in that regard. The quicker you are able to make the sacrifice the faster everything moves in your favor. 





It is understandable that in some cases money can be an issue in regards to being able to speedily preform the prescribed  ebo, In a timely manner. But regardless of that ,no ebo should go over 3 months time span without it being preformed in its totality . The Yoruba's called it SACRIFICE!!!  for a reason. Most of us , in the WEST. Lack the motivation and sense of urgency. These  spiritual matters hold for us. More often than not all one is left with is regret for not doing what ifa has told one to do. For as ifa says none compliance of preforming ebo benefits no one.




      So if we miss ,the window of opportunity to help ourselves make our life's better . Not wanting to invest , the money on your spiritual matters and well being. Can be even more costly, down the road. Than if you had invested the money from the beginning  . Something to keep in mind , while embarking on this journey of divination and ebo. 






      In the case that the prescribed  ebo for whatever reason was not done. It is best to cast the IFA oracle again. Within the 3 months of the allotted time frame form when the last or original odu ifa was casted.  We must keep in mind that a lot  of energetic movements happens within 3 months. And the energy patterns of the previous odu casted my not be so relevant any longer . To sum this section up, be aware  that  the quicker the ebo is made. The quicker everything else is set in to motion on your behalf.





What is the significance of IRE or IBI 



      I want to start off by stating that, Ire is not to be confused by thinking that all is well. This prophecy does not mean, that blessings are secured and on the way. Interpreting ire in this fashion is an incomplete translation at best. 




      All ire is truly indicating as prophectic  orientation on a particular odu that has been revealed . Is essentially , that the client has been granted the backing of those supernatural forces called orisa or emissary's  of (Olodumare the creator or (GOD) itself. This ire has  come to assist one. On whatever concerns the client has. Once prescribed sacrifices have been a made  in full . Its a way to secure the blessings foreseen within the prophecy within the odu ifa that has been casted. 


To sum up IRE in short, we can say that it is the permission form Ori (your inner GOD self), and Olodumare the creator of all , as well as the orisas to advance forward with the prescribed ebo to achieve the desired results. Wihch will intern render better or more favorable outcomes .Which can bring about ,a balance or align one with that which Is. In spiritual resonance with the individual/ personal destiny at that particular moment in time and space.



       IBI:  on the other hand is the Yoruba word used to describe for after birth. Which if deeply analyzed,  points to or indicates the client is holding on to things. That no longer serve them in a positive manner any longer. They are often referred to as  ibi or osogbo by different diviners in these spiritual practices. IBI in essence is saying or stating to the inquire. That he or she has become or has gotten out of alignment/ off track, with his or her chosen destined path.






     This could have been caused by an infinitude of factors. Like that of doing, being, and acting in ways that no longer serve the person in a positive light/manner in any capacity. But is not limited to just that, by any means. Many things can get us off track of our chosen destiny . Being around negative people ,places or things. Our own erronous thoughts and screwed perspectives about life self and other. Our emotional state and many many more collective factors.




      Being out of alignment with ones destiny. Wlil in turn cause a spiritual disturbance in the clients life. Which leads to a dis- alignment with his or her Ori or higher self and chosen destiny. then furthermore  leads to all type of situations/events that are. More often than not  can be deemed  unfavorable to say the least . The affected  person will more than likely . Have had many signs of this dis-alignment . Via life events/ experiences/ dreams etc. Pointing to this said misalignment. Although many keep missing the tale tell signs of things not being right initially . But keep in mind . That when something feels off! it more than likely is!







But as human beings that we are . We usually tend to think its nothing more than a   "string of bad luck". No such thing, its actually  the universe trying to tell you something isn't right ! Sometimes when it rains it pours . But many times it also something more than just saying hey that's life. These are the exact reasons why one should consult IFA! For clarification on what's really going on . For their is a spiritual reason for what is currently happening in our lives. This will always remain true . Rather you believe that or not !






IBI in short, essentially  means the person has lost their way in life, at the moment . Do to  mainly but not limited to wrong thinking and wrong or negative choices, being committed in there life. But one should keep in mind that a prophecy of IBI during a divination session, is not a doomed and gloom scenario . Because ,Ifa will always have the solution to attaining our  re- alignment to our  destined path. Which will always lead us to a better  and more positive outcomes .



       With serious adherence  to the diviners advice form spirit of IFA. Along with the . Performance/ completion of the full ebo or prescribed sacrifices. Things can be put back on track if you will. Most all IBI prophecies can be redirected. Or minimized greatly by the offering of Ebo. 



Who should or can consult the ifa oracle? 

      Anyone can consult the Ifa oracle anytime they feel so to do. Ifa can also be cast on behalf of others. For example, a mother for her child etc or vice versa. Ifa is versatile in that manner. Ifa is also not a discriminatory practice meaning everyone is welcome! To come hear what their destiny has to say to them. Basically as long as you are a cognitive human being ,that is enough criteria to be able to  come and consult with the oracle of Ifa.  


Do I have to be physically present ?

        The answer to this question is an astounding  NO!! Although being physically present is totally fine and the preferred way for many .When and if this is a viable  option . IFA understands , what is logically  possible for each individual and or situation. I will give one example if you live in California for example. It would be very inconvenient to fly down to Florida for a in person reading . Not to mention a financial burden and hassle . So in cases where distance is a issue as in the example given above . IFA is more than aware of these physical limitations that each individual may have. This will never be an issue for IFA . As IFA Transends time and space. IFA is that which is spiritual and spirituality is beyond physical limitations of any kind. Further more as confirmation to this , you can check my testimonial  page section 90% of all  that is written . Has been works i have done for people all over the world.



     Let's face it, we all live very busy /hectic lives, in this modern world. There is never enough time, in the day it seems for most of us. But lucky for everyone in any situation or particular circumstance. One may find themselves in in any place around the world .IFA reach is spaceless and timeless.  Rather you are physically present or not! DOES NOT!!! determine efficacy of the spiritual work being preformed on your /client/inquirer behalf.






      We are very fortunate to live in the 21st century .  Where we can reach all 4 corners of the globe within a couple of seconds via telecommunications and or social media platforms .This has radically changed  the way we can  a communicate with one another. So do not  be discouraged by lack of time or distance ,if  you happen to fall under these two categories. 





     Not being physically present should never be a hindrance. In being able to have the spiritual work you need, to have be preformed for you  . All situations and schedules can be accommodated with the proper planning and advanced notice. But many times the work is something that needs to be done . With a sense of urgency, this is to be able to avoid many probable negativities.  As well as to quickly attain the support of the deities to assist one in ones desires . 




Do I have to convert, to an IFA worshiper to consult  the ifa oracle?


      There is absolutely no need to convert to an ifa  worshiper or be an adherent/ follower of Ifa or Orisa. If one is looking to consult the wisdom of the ifa oracle. Although often times Ifa will recommend for people to come closer to ifa wisdom (which means initiation or receiving of a spiritual icon etc) . This is only recommended for the person  own spiritual evolution and elevation. But is NEVER!!! forced onto the consultee/client .



      IFA wisdom is for everyone, because it bases its teachings of off nature. It being an earth based spiritual practice .No matter sex, or sexual orientation , beliefs, race, or cultural background; etc. Ifa belongs to humanity as a whole. No specific requirement is needed,  to come for a consultation. As mentioned above, all one needs to have an open mind and a willingness to hear what ifa has to say. As well as and more importantly apply/implement Ifa ancient wisdom into their lives on a daily basis. With a true and purposeful intent.



IFA was inscribed in 2008 By UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity





Divination Preformed with (ikin ifa) :

$100 comes with 75 mins divination session.

Take note that all financial transactions will be non- refundable.

Other options are available if phone communication is not possible call for all other possible/available 

Call: 786-486-3527

If you call , YOU MUST!  leave a voicemail  if not, I WILL NOT!!!get back to you.


Text /Email or WhatsApp me :


consultation HOURS 

11:00 a.m -8:00 p.m

eastern time zone

(when time slots or available ) 



Typically a call back will happen within 24 hours after contact being made

leave a voice message or text

 with your contact information. 

Other Spiritual Services provided

When indicated by ifa

Disclaimer: Awoifasola does not claim to cure anyone of any mental or physical conditions that you may or may not have. Any and all medically diagnosed conditions should be consulted with the correct medical professionals.



Contact: (786-486-3527)

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