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Acceptability of you obi depends on your level of righteousness.

odu ofun otura

The wicked throws obi (kola nuts) but the offering of kola was not accepted.

The traitor throws obi but offering was rejected

The righteous throws obi and the offering is quickly accepted

Cast divination fo Oodu the child or Arira at ife

On the day he was aksed to throw obi at the palace

Ojodu has come! the child of Arira

We are thankful for the quick acceptance of our offerings ( of the kola nuts).


Obi obata known as kola nuts are seed pods of various lobes that are offered to the orisas accept orisa sango he eats orogbo bitter kola. Obit abata is typically used as a tool to derive yes and no answers after a offerings . And they themselves are very powerful offerings within themselves as well. The odu ofun otura touches on the importance of being a good human being . Or what is called in yoruna eniyan rere so that things like that, of offering obi to the orisas will be accepted without any problems . It also obvious that many unscrupulous persons use obi still to offer to the orisas and etc.

But the main message is that regardless if they get the messages they want through the use of obi abata. Reciving messages and acceptance although seemingly similar. Are two different things when it come to the spiritual world . Just yet another example of thousands of verses and pointers . Within the corpus of ifa that tells on the importance of being a upright and righteous humanbeing. For it will not only serve you in your everyday life . But it will help you in your spiritual endeavor's. In the end your ether moving closer or further away form GOD source . #wordtothewisemyfriends

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