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Be grateful for the blessings already rendered . So as to be able to receive even more.

Iwori meji tells us the following.

Yinniyinni keni o se mii si

Adifa fun Fateru

Tii s omokunrin igodo

Ifa mo yin o ko tun le se mii si

Orisa to ba gbeni laa tin


Showing gratitude is motivation to render another favor.

Cast divination for Fateru

Son of the town of igodo

Ifa, I thank you so that you can give me another goodness(blessing)

The divinity that supports oneself is the one we praise!

The above stanza is a great example that reminds us, to always have an attitude of gratitude. Not only with ifa and the blessing we receive form ifa. But also with life in general as well. There is a saying that states: The amount of blessings will be . As big or equal to the amount of gratitude that is rendered for said blessings already given . Don't be an ingrate with life don't be an ingrate with ifa. When you start to act like life is a blessing. It starts feeling that way. Word to the wise my friends stay blessed.

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