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Oyeku Ose explains to us that death is not a negative thing. That has been place upon human existence but rather a liberation and a blessing. A divine rite of passage when the time is right. Ifa further explains:

K’amateteku, the diviner of the house of joy, Aiteteku, the diviner of the house of grief, Biku-ba-ka-yin-Oluwa-logo, the diviner of Igoboya ewa Alogobon-on-maku-ninu, Masimale ninmeyeniyi, the diviner of Afinju-maku-mase’baje Okyekeseniyi, divined Ifa for the sages, who invited the babalawos to consult on the problems of death by asking: Why should death kill people and nobody has ever overcome death? The babalawos said: Ifa has indicated that Amuniwaye created death for the good of mankind.

A stagnant water becomes a pond – a pond of polluted water, a pond that can cause disease. Water takes people away freely and water brings them back freely. Let the sick return home for the cure and renewal of the body, and the wicked for renewal of character. The madman is cared for by his family. The babalawos asked: What is unpleasant about it? The sages bowed for Ifa, saying: Orunmila! Aboru,Orunmila Aboye, Orunmila Abosise . They all then understood and dispersed and never regarded death as a troublesome problem any longer .

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