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Ignorance and failure to apply IFA wisdom . Is what has lead you to have a bad destiny.

If they learn the wisdom of within the ifa literary corpus .They will surely have the last laugh. actually apply it .

If the destiny is unfavorable, it may be because lack of wisdom

Water is abundant in the Ocean , Ocean is the King of the sea.

Water is available in the Lagoon, Lagoon, is second in command.

There is wisdom in Akoda, Akoda who teaches the wolrd ifa corpus wisdom

There Is intelligence in Aseda, Aseda who teaches the elders philosophy.

There is wisdom in Orunmila :( ifa prophet) , the world stabilizer , he who protects his children heads from breaking.

He who corrects bad destinies .

Ifa says, that the incapable with no good character.

If they would listen and learn the wisdom within the ifa literary corpus .

They will surely have the last laugh.

Reflection on above odu:

IFA is the ultimate depository of wisdom from ancient times. Which like many text that have come way after ifa. And have also sipped form ifa calabash of ifa ancient wisdom . These timeless teachings are still applicable today for us in the 21st century. Many times people consult the ifa oracle. With all the best intentions in the world . I personally believe that 90% of the actual sacrifice is the actual understanding of ifa messages As well as the actual implementation of the messages/ recommendations ifa advises and adherence to the taboos given for one to follow. Through odu ifa celestial esoteric coded wisdom of ifa!

This is why the last line in the stanza of ose ofun rings true. Having the last laugh as it states in the stanza to me is the knowing. That you have the tools and capabilities to overcome , all those things ifa has been able to prophesize about. That are within your destine path through odu ifa . Odu ifa or the messages of ifa which encapsulate the ancient wisdom since time and memorial. Many pointers are also made in reference to ifa power to correct bad destines . Or turn them form bad to good or spiritually speaking from negative to positive. In the end that's what ifa is really doing on a spiritual level .

And although ifa does have those abilities to do such things for anyone who consults the ifa oracle . Ifa becomes just another ignored spiritual tool if the applicant. Does not take heed and under go serious self reflection and . Takes the proper steps to help implement the actual wisdom of ifa into there lifes on a daily basis. To instill in him or herself the character and life course corrections ifa points out to them during a reading with the oracle of ifa. Its like wanting to go on a diet . You buy all the gym gear . Get a membership to a gym. Start all you meal preps. And then never actually go to the gym to work out. Ifa wisdom is there for all to sip from . But you have to make a serious effort . To not only talk the talk , but also walk the walk . My mother use to always say to me. GOD helps those , who help themselves. #wordtothewisemyfriends!

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