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Updated: Feb 14, 2018

The term IWA PELE can be referred to as good character. Although good and for that matter bad is really based on personal perspective end. Whats good for one person can be deemed "bad" for another . But here Ifa is speaking of universal good character. For us in the west for example,we all have come to learn about the Golden rule. The treat others the way you would like to be treated. As corny as that may sound to us . It really does hold some truth behind it .

The ifa corpus is riddled with ese ifa or verses that in one way shape or form touch on this very topic of good character. If you know anything about ifa. You know that ifa does not speak just for the sake of speaking. Over the years i have come to know exactly why, ifa harps on the concept of iwa pele so much. He obviously does not do for its sake. So maybe we should take heed of his advice on displaying good character. Here below i will leave one of many verses that touches on why iwa pele is the true doorway to all of the good things in life . Holy odu Eji Ogbe says the following on this very topic.

If we strike ragba gong against calabash

That which we are after is character

Good character

If we strike ragba against rope

That which we are after is good character

Good character

If one is rich without good character

The wealth belongs to someone else

That which we are after is character

Good character

if one is blessed with children but does not have good character

Those children belong to someone else

That which we are after is character

Good character

If one is blessed with property but they do not have good character

The properties belong to someone else

That which we are after is character

Good character

It is easy to see how ifa keeps reminding us the importance of Good character in the verse above . While alos pointing out to us the consequences of lacking good character. Is a sure fire way of losing all the good things of life. Another odu from the ifa literature which i love comes form OTURA MEJI which tells us the following.

If you do good

You do for yourself

And if you are wicked

You do for yourself

This was the message of ifa for the blind man

When going to beg for alms in Hausa Land

He was advised to offer ebo

Ifa really brings to the fore front here in Otura Meji. The ultimate truth of this life. That rather you do good or do bad. You are only, in the end doing it to and for yourself. The blind man here is a pointer to that which cant bee seen clearly by the masses. Which is that everyone you come in to contact with is YOU! Not you in the physical sense. But in the spiritual essence sense.

Iam sure you have all heard we are all ONE! Well this verse in its own way points to this fact. So since there really is no one else or nothing else other than GOD here . Meaning we are all GOD source manifested in individual bodies and there is no separation between you and other. Only physical outside differences between one another. Is it a wonder that when the verse states . If you do good you do for yourself ? or when it states when you do bad you do for yourself? This is what some like to call the "open secret". But sometimes we miss what right under our noses .

Yet another verse of ifa ika iwori shows us the affects of us doing negative acts .

The evil doer harms himself by half of his mischief.

For, as ashes follow the thrower, so wrong deeds go after their doer.

The wicked at heart does havoc to him or herself.

This is why it is said that evil plans will recoil and damage those who refuse to

discipline themselves and hence fail to abandon their evil ways.

I think we can clearly see ifa way of telling us what go's around comes around. The second line in the verse, says it all in a nutshell. This is why we should never retaliate against others. But preform rituals and do things for protection against others evil plans. Let them build there own karma they way they see fit. For the way you treat people will be your karma. The way they treat you will be theirs. Word to the wise my friends.

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