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Updated: Jun 29, 2019


OBI abata was substituted in the diaspora by coconuts. As the obi tree does not typically grow outside or certain regions in the content of Africa. The coconuts are still referred to as obi . But it is not the original obi abata presented here . Coconuts are not the same as kola nuts or obi abata. To no fault of anyone . For everyone ,has to make do with what is in their surroundings. And what is available to them. As has been done by all the branches of isese that have left the shores of S.W west Africa. So many hundreds of years ago.

Story of how obi abata became a item of offering to the orisas.

Odu ejiogbe made us aware of obi abata ( kola nut ) as a woman who consulted IFA Oracle through a renowned IFA priest (babalawo). On arriving at the house of babalawo, Obi received, the high priest, saying '' ABORU ABOYE NI ILE IFA '' ! Which translates roughly into . IFA MAY ESTABLISH HIS POWER AND THE STRENGTH OF VICTORY IN THE HOUSE OF WISDOM.

After the greetings, Obi settled for consultation. During the ifa session, it was revealed that Obi had major challenges and a mind bogging problem, related to the child's birth. She had been denied the fruit of the womb. IFA oracle through his priest or babalawo said Obi that, '' this is the time of spiritual manifestation”,

The time of fulfillment, the time of blessing and the time of transformation of the power of Olodumare, if Obi has decided to pay the price and offer sacrifice to reverse the unfavorable situation in her life for a favorable solution.

However remember that there is always a price to pay for any solution to all the difficult situations you may face in the physical plain of existence and the spiritual realm of the unknown where abundant frequencies of vibrations reside. We should always call for spiritual and divine support to ensure victory and happiness in the physical state.

IFA priest said Obi (the woman) the spiritual steps to be taken and the materials to be used to carry out the steps and to ensure fulfillment of the blessing of the womb. For Mrs. Obi, the materials were many and expensive. She left the priest in fury and began to ruin the name of the IFA and the babalawos. At first, there is no response from the Babalawo as the latter knew that he carried out the message of the IFA, no doubt the predisposition or any intention to exploit Obi in any negative way. The priest only revealed what IFA had to say on her ordeal .

Obi decided to take the battle to another realm of life, which is spreading and ignoring the Oracle's spiritual advice. She fought the problem alone and with anger. Remember that, life is a spirit and spirit is life, all the spiritual measures we can take and use to induce the success of life and the progress of life are worth taking without delay. physical problems need a spiritual, mental, emotional and divine solution, the four steps are critical to the success of any effort.

in some way shapr or form meet with failure

The spiritual forces induced life progress and success in life as well as any wisdom, knowledge and understanding are spiritual blessings to enlightenment not only our lives but the universe as a whole. Whoever fails to recognize these spiritual processes . Will in some way shape or form meet with failiure, to fulfill his /hers own destiny and the destiny of his future generations. Spiritual awareness is a gift from God.

Obi failed in her spiritual endeavors, she did not recognize that physical problems and challenges were replicas and representation of spiritual state and mental disharmony. Then, sixteen good years, after her ordeal she decided to try again, and consulted IFA oracle.

Obi was brought to the house of the same IFA priest after sixteen years of absolute sadness, agony, frustration and rejection. She greeted Babalawo with the same boldness and courage of purpose.

She again proceeded to greet ifa priest or babalawo with the samw greeting as before . 'ABORU ABOYE' ', IFA priest replied with the same respone as usual,' 'ABOYE ABOSISE, AGBO ATO IRE FUN AWO' '. After the usual Ifa greetings and response had taken place, Obi asked for divination without delay, at the opening Opele, by Babalawo, the same odu appeared yet again for her EJI OGBE!

Babalawo recognized and remembered Obi as a woman looking for the fruits of the womb many years ago. He also remembered her charlatan ways and negative behavior towards IFA. Her out right contempt in which she ridiculed Ithe FA Oracle and the IFA priest. Babalawo then chanted a mystical message ( incantation) to Obi, saying the following ''

O pesu lole or

Wo dou orun yan yan yan

Bieni o ni ku mo

nje orti wa ri ri ore gb gba lolo Olodumare !

Gbobo ire pata pata lolo eledumare oba alewilese alese lewi lowa

Translation: You see the IFA orcale as soemthing which tells lies and is nonesense.

You think of ESU like a thief of some sort , which you look at scornfully and you detest spiritual message s form divinity Now you have received the blessing of the child from Olodumare, since you left sixteen years ago . All the blessings coming from the father of light Infinite mercy we call Olodumare, the great king, in fervor, and glory, the agent who gives to all who exist, who will exist and who had existed . To him be all power and favor.

When obi heard the powerful message ( incantation) from the IFA priest, she herself shivered and shook and , she fell and became a kola nut or obi . The same obi we now known respectively as OBI abata fruit. Or Obi, abata ( kolanut) . The stubborn woman was transformed into a sacrificial object of offering named OBI Abata (a special type of obi that consist of 4 lobes or halves , which has spiritual characteristics and aspects to them ), This obi abata is what millions of people now used to prevent the manifestation of all evils in there life's. When used in ritual rites and or as offering to gbogbo orisa.

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