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Here below you will find some aspects of IFA

IFÁ is the way of life and everlasting.

IFÁ is the truth of life.

IFÁ will lead you to a straight path not astray.

IFÁ is the truth sayer for those that believe in it.

IFÁ is a good leader that will never lead you astray.

IFÁ is a destiny instructor that will tell you your do’s and don’ts.

IFÁ is the one who clearly reveals what your destiny forbids and what you destiny enjoins.

IFÁ is a good counselor of life.

IFÁ is a good reformer of well being,

IFÁ is a great provider in times of need.

IFÁ is the armor that protects one from untimely death and negativities.

IFÁ is the one who has come to bring success into the life of every man.

IFÁ is the one who protects the head of elemere (those destined to die young) so that his head is not broken into pieces [so that his future happiness is not obstructed].

If we truly follow IFÁ we will surely live long, and we will be blessed with all the opportunities to attain and achieve our fervent desires in life.

IFÁ is a defender.

IFÁ will never allow your good deed to turn to sorrow.

IFÁ is a seer, protector and revealer of truth that will never allow you to be mocked by your foe.

IFÁ is a mender of bad destinies

IFA is not an evil doer.

IFÁ is a divine power, spirituality and religion that positively reshapes someone destiny, but sometimes human beings turn light into darkness by their conduct and by how truthful they are before their Creator, therefore believe and accept IFÁ as a good leader. You must not doubt IFÁ because anything IFÁ says is from the ALMIGHTY GOD [OLÓDÙMARÈ].

The poet is the rider of word, and the word is the rider of poet as well, if there is LIGHT, darkness has no place to stay.

If there is anything bothering us we should consult IFÁ because anything Ifá says is from ALMIGHTY GOD (OLODUMARE).

IFÁ is not a wizard nor a is it witchcraft

IFÁ is not charm.

IFÁ is not a money bowl that we put money inside.

IFÀ is not to be sold like a product of the marketplace.

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