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iyammi osoronga aka: The Witches

WHO ARE IYAAMI AJE OSORONGA (THE WITCHES)? Aje is nothing than a supernatural phenomenon inherent in nature which when tap into by human or manifest itself in human it can be use to achieve either good or bad end depending on the motive and character of the possessor. 

Mostly this energy manifest itself in women more than in men because 95 percent of those who possess this energy are women while 5 percent of those who possess this energy are men in which it is called OSO! Its a variation of the same energy.

When this energy reside with men, such men are term as Oso or (wizard) and when they reside with women, such women is regarded as aje or iyaami (witches).

Iyaami translates into : (my mother) another alias or aka as "aje": (witches)  the babalawo will refer to them as such.

In order not to incur their wrath, that is why we have something like awon iya (the mothers), awon eleye (one who possess birds), awon to nile aye tabi awon alaye (those who owned the world), iya mi oniye abami (my mother with mysterious feather), olokiki oru (the popular one at night).

All these aforementioned names were used in ancient times and up till now to avoid conflict between those who posse Aje energy (witch power) and other human being.  They prefer their alias in public and when discussing them in public it is better to use their aliases above than the name Aje. 

Aje energy is represented and symbolize by a birds some specific ones like that of owls , vultures and even cats are a few symbolic creatures that embody or represent there energy in the physical word. But they are not just limited to these creatures mentioned here.

So the question is how can we identify a person who possess Aje energy? In ancient times the committed and devoted Aje (witches,) do make them self known in public by tying 3 cowries around her left ankle.  But in modern times it is much more difficult for identifying the (iyami) within society again hence it difficult to know who possess this energy as some people who possess this energy have channeled it into other religions institutions either in form of a prophetess or seers etc.  But through metaphysical power, one can identify any women that posses the power of iyaami aje (the witches).

Many women who possess this energy do present as very nice gentle person to hide the real identity . But one thing is common about the women who posses iyami energy, they talk alot and have sharp memory of any wrong done to them. They don’t forget such and can keep on reminding you even after you have seek their forgiveness. So your close friends, even wife or daughter may posses this iyaami energy without you knowing it. 

TYPES OF IYAMI AJE (TYPES OF WITCHES) According to ifa and orisha spirituality, there are three types of iyami aje (witches) energy available in the world. They are Aje dudu (black witch energy), Aje pupa (red witch energy) and Aje funfun (white witch energy) I will explain each below.

AJE DUDU (BLACK WITCHES): Witches in this category are usually a not progressive one, they have mysterious power, but Olodumare (GOD) doesn’t give them power to kill.  They can only punish or make human being to suffer. They can prevent human being from attaining desire success. Like causing their victims delay marriage, infertility, lack of promotion in work and business, causing their victims sickness etc.  The members of aje dudu are predominantly females, hardly can you find any male in this catageory type. They account for 50 percent of iyaami aje cult world wide.

AJE PUPA (RED WITCHES): This category of witches are most dangerous.  They have power to kill, drink blood and eat flesh. They punish their victims and give no room for forgiveness even up to their own children. Membership can be both male . But females are the great majority of the clan. They account for 30 percent of iyaami aje cult world wide.

AJE FUNFUN (WHITE WITCHES): This third type of witches are actually very good witches. They are called Aje olomon tabi Aje alabiyamo (witches who protect her children). Those who possess aje funfun don’t kill, they don’t drink blood or eat flesh. They use their energy to bring protection, blessings and prosperity to whom ever they love like children, husband or family or friends.They bring knowledge, power, blessings and protection. 

However, if someone incures their wrath or offend them or cheat them, they have power to punish the person but they forgive easily any body who offends them immediately they are appease. 

It is very difficult to get initiated into them as most people get it by inheritance but some do get through constant quest. 

The are few they account for about 20 percent of iyaami cult worldwide.

WHERE DO IYAMI (WITCHES) LIVE OR DO THEY HAVE A MEETING POINT? It is very difficult to say precisely where iyami aje (the witches) meet to discuss and stage attack and carry out their operations.  No body can say unless you ae part of them.

  They don’t have any physical shrine, so it is wrong to set up physical shrine for them.  In some places like that of , ile-ife, Osun State Nigeria, it is believed that the place where iyami Aje (the witches) is called Udi, the oyo people called Idi.

Udi or Idi is believed to be the house or meeting point of iyami aje (witches) where they hold meeting and stage their operations for any purpose whether good or bad. A competent babalawo has through metaphysical power to see the iyami aje (witches) in their meeting but he must not reveal such information and make it public knowledge. 

From what we know form pass knowlegde of our ancestors and forfathers we come to know that the Udi aje some times can be inside Iroko tree ( African teak tree) , orita meta (T Junction or cross road), agbo ogede (banana plantation) and eti odo ( river bank of stream). But with state of modernity, some offices, vehicle parks and even many churches premises are being used by this energy to hold meeting and stage their operations.  As regards the time iyami aje (witches) hold their meeting, it is usually between 1am  to 3am while emergency meetings are rarely held around 1pm in afternoon during the day.  If babalawo wants to communicate with them face to face without any harm , the most favorable time is between 5-6 pm in the evening during the day after he’s used necessary spiritual preparation to meet them at orita meta ona Oko (cross road on a bush path).

WHAT ARE THE METHODS OR DEVICES USED BY IYAMI AJE(WITCHES) Anybody who possesses power of iyami aje whether male or female can use the following methods I will explain below to carry out their mission: Agogo Enu (power of the tongue), ofa aje tita (shooting iyami spiritual arrow), omusu aje (spiritual vagina force of women), igba iwa (sacred calabash with iyami bird), awopa aje (staring to kill), ase (do as I say power).  Now I will explain each of these devices use by iyaami to carry out their missions in detail.

*AGOGO ENU (POTENT TONGUE POWER): One of the methods used by iyaami spiritually bring down anyone who crosses their paths is the habit of consistently referring to the wrong the person had done to them, even after the person has begged, apologized and sought their forgiveness. The witches will never stop recalling the incidents which in most cases can put his or her victims in jeopardy in the society.

*OFA AJE TITA (SHOOTING IYAMI WITCHES ARROW): The witches can shoot their spiritual arrows from the spiritual realm and it will hit their targets physically. Most often, they usually shoot the arrow against their victims from dreams. And in most cases it leads to physical sickness in real life.

OMUSU AJE (SPIRITUAL VAGINAL POWER OF WOMEN): This power of iyaami aje resides in all women. Women don’t need to be initiated or inherit iyaMmi energy before she can invoke and use this power. But this power is only applicable to the man who have sexual intercourse with these women or children borne vaginally. If during sexual intercourse or in attempt to have sex with a woman, one makes some sweet promises and fail to abide by his promise or fulfil them, the woman can invoke this power to curse him by tapping her vagina demanding all she wants. Very dangerous act of invoking this sexual power driven from deep within.

IGBA IWA (SACRED CALABASH) as explained earlier, the symbol of iyami aje witches power is represented by birds. Anybody who is initiated or inherited membership of iyami cult has a bird. It is through this bird that the person who owns it go to Udi (witches meeting grounds) or carry out other missions whether good or bad. The birds can return to this igba after accomplishing the aim.

AWOPA AJE (KILLER GAZE): If a woman has spiritual power of iyami aje(witches), she can stare at anybody and use her energy to penetrate the whole body system of the person and order the person to do what she wants or to see the future of the person and change it from good to bad or cause the person sickness of many types etc.

ASE (DO AS I SAY): This is natural power given by OLODUMARE to them from heaven but excessive use of it can make Olodumare withdraw it from witches in most cases. So if witches lose her power, she will confess all her past evil deeds and that is the end if her power because she will not be re-admited into the cult group.


The question is that OLODUMARE God ought not to allow witches to have power over human being.  But according to ifa spirituality, ifa scripture makes it clear that it is not God that allows witches to torment human but it is human beings that betray the witches in the first place. When the witches and human beings are leaving heaven to set for these world, they had agreement not to kill the children of each other. However, human started the killing and eating children of bird.  On returning to OLODUMARE, OLODUMARE told human beings you broke your promises of not eating the children of the iyammi. So long story short it is the betrayal of the human being that till this day the iyammi aje have the ability to attack humanbeings since the day they both came to earth.

Written by: Babalawo Ifatoye

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