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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Two good friends swore allegiance to one another but neglected to acknowledge Esu. These two friends worked on adjacent farms , separated only by a narrow path. which divined the to farms from one another.

One day, Esu decided to walk the narrow path between the two farms. Wearing a hat which as half black . Or one side of the cap was red while the other was black. In some other versions it is said he was dressed in those colors completely on one side. But we will stick to just the cap in this version of the story.

Esu exchanged some pleasantries with both men as he proceeded to walk pass the men down the narrow road which divided both farms down the middle . The two friends later started to talk about the man i.e Esu. And while one man saw esu on one side in which he only saw the black side of the cap. And the other only side the red side of the cap .

They started to argue about this topic of which color was the cap of the person they saw walking down the narrow path they both saw and both greeted. This started to turn into a heated argument which lead to a violent quarrel about what each other saw. It got so loud and crazy that neighbors started to gather as on lookers of what was happening. Some came to stop the fight between the two.

They explained their disagreement and the why they ended up the way they did. During this time that the neighbors showed up so did Esu. Esu show the two his two side cap and chastised the two farmers for not putting him first.

Implications in the above story further explained below:

1.The two sided cap in this story is a metaphor (red/black) : meaning or a pointer to the nature of the duality of life or dualistic nature of reality.

2.Opposites are yet still part of the unified whole like two ends of a spectrum like love on one end while hate on the other opposite end for example.

3.The "NARROW PATH" in between the two farms here symbolizes what is known as (oritameta) or more commonly known as ( the crossroads) which esu hold dominion over. The crossroad's is metaphorically where life decisions are made. The proverbial "fork in the road" what do i chose , which way do i go etc. Its the place of decision making. Decisions that no one can avoid to make for life itself is full of decisions. Some major like who should i marry some not so much . Like which way should i take to work today etc.

4.Esu many times can create chaos to show us the false fabrications of oppositional forces or energies. Because , everything in one way or another is driven by desire . Which in turn leads inevitably to contrast. To know what you want you must first know what you don't want. Esu is the embodiment of said contrast. And without contrast we cant come to terms with what that desire we hold. Rather they be false erroneous desires that lead us into chaos or not .

5.Esu often times challenges us to choose what we need and not what we want. In the end more often times that not! We gradually become aware that what we need often tends to be what we actually wanted . If things are seen through the right spiritual lens .

Little bit on the odu OWORIN OGBE / OJUANI OGBE:

This odu in ibi or ayewo or osogbo (negative) Speaks of witchcraft and negative vibrations that may disrupt the clients inner peace mental and otherwise.

The client is often tangled in an emotional relation that fuzzes hir or her judgment

Witchcraft can also include things such as gossip, which is also seen as a form of hexing. Meaning people are talking or speaking negatively about the client in some varying degrees of negativity. With the added admonish of actually witchcraft i.e Something being done in a ritualistic fashion is also not of out the question here in the negative aspect.

More on oworin ogbe

Ifa says that in this life nobody can expose the secret of the person

for whom this odu is revealed. People will try everything they know to

expose his/her secret but they will fail!

Ifa advises this person to always give Esu what is due to esu. So that whatever he or she does or undertakes will amount to something and efforts will not be in vain . By doing so they will see profits protection and blessings. If this is not done on a regular basis they will be seeing the opposite. like setback, failure , frustration , and losses of all types of ibi or negativity.

Ifa says the house in which this person is living needs to be spiritually cleansed this is way alot of things are happening that are holding back this person ire or blessings.

Hope you enjoyed this insightful write up on oworin ogbe blessings awoifasola.

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