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Awon Iyammi and Orumila come to earth.

Orunmila was preparing for travel to the world. After making the necessary sacrifices, the journey began. He was at the gateway preparing to the sojourn , when he was asked by an old women if he could assist her in her travels. To the world , she asked if she could be carried somehow. Because she was old and weak and couldn’t make the long journey alone. Orunmila , heard her out and apologized to the old women and told her . He was in a bit of a hurry , for he had a mission to carry out on earth. And had to leave immediately !

The women was very persistent in her asking , and asked orunmila again , to help her please. Orunmila told her , that even if he had the ability to do so . There was no way he could carry her . For it was also way to cumbersome for him to carry her ,in anyway possible to earth. The clever old women , told orunmila that she could travel in his stomach . And when the journey was over she would come out. Orunmila agreed on her request and so they did just that .

Once they arrived on earth Orunmila , told the old women that they had arrived on earth and that she could now come out. But the old women stated that she had now gotten comfortable and was refusing to come out. Orunmila said AH! You have deceived me ! And you MUST! come out because I will not feed you . The old women now in his stomach , wasn’t phased one bit by Orunmila threat. She told him , that’s no issue for me . For if you don’t feed me . I will feed on your intestines. Which are very tasty and delicious to me .

Orunmila realizing that if this were to happen, he would soon perish .

Orunmila became very concerned about this issue with the old lady in his stomach . So he consulted IFA and was told to , get some entrails of various animals , and add salt and lots of palm oil to the intestines gathered. And to place all in a container on a hill at night and bring a bell to ring so as to attract attention . To the ebo while praying about the issue at hand. He was also told to have a light nearby, so that she could see her exit. Being that she had problems with her eyes .

Orunmila did as instructed, and while all was in place, he started to ring the bell . This caught the old women attention inside his stomach, and she also quickly smelled the delicious meal set for her . She began to expel herself out from orunmila stomach and began to feast on the meal of innards . Orunmila said IAM FREE! The women replied you are wise Orunmila. I will always , respect your needs and assist you with my birds. You alone will be granted a seat in my house. Till today Orunmila , and his children all Babalaows have had the support of this powerful spirit beings called Awon iyammi osoronga.


This is one version of the story about how iyammi came to earth. And the relationship between IFA and the Awon iyammi . This is also , we offer what we call ipese to the iyammi as offerings to release people fomr bondage or attack form the witches of the night . Or Awon Iyammi osoronga when offering sacrifices of all types form the feathered kind to the 4 legged kind.

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