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SHANGO is and orisha of divine justice and lover of truths and the embodiment of integrity. He detest lairs and people opposite to the characteristics that so much define his energy as and orisha. His energy is powerful and strategic . He his called upon to fight wars and bring divine justice to those whom deserve it. Orisha of conquest, expansion and victory over enemies . He is known as the one who makes rain fall. Some associate him with fire but truth is he makes it rain he is the rain maker!

The ( ose shango) double headed axe is an iconic symbol and hand wand made of wood often times. This represents swift justice some exclaim.

His icons are ( edun ara) or lighting stones , these are real stones made by lighting strikes . Although you will find that not all shrines will have real lighting stones.

His icon in OYO Nigeria will be found on a “odo” of upside down mortar made of wood and the lighting stones inside a wooden bowl or a calabash ontop of the upside down mortar . Also will be seen a seere or shaker to shake while calling out to his energy. You may see different variations of his shrines through out yorubaland as well as the diaspora.

His offerings and sacrifices are but not limited to . ( orogbo ) or bitter kola , amala ( a brown yam portage ), rooster, guinea fowl , Ram, he goat, (epo) red palm oil, as well as dry gin or strong alcohol

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