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Opón Ifá is the divinatory tray of the babalawo : ifa priest . It is one of the instruments used by any Bàbáláwo. Opón Ifá is made of wood from Ikókò, Àgbálùmò or any other tree of this category. It is usually flat and rectangular or circular in shape. They are also carved in a variety different designs including  human representations, animals, and spiritual Objects . Animales like Turtles and lizards are very common also. The Opón Ifá must have at least one carved face  representing  Èsù Òdàrà as the all-seeing eye in divination.


Ifá names Opon as Allah (the one who will never die) this is because when Opon is used for divination, to impress odu ifa upon it.  The exact moment the Odù finished being marked/printed, the message will begin to come out. According to what is in Opón ( odu ifa). As a matter of fact, it is believed that during Õrúnmilà's period on earth he used to "sit" on the Opón before speaking.


 It's why that the Odu is given Odú must first "sit down" before the Bàbáláwo begins to speak. In

Õtúrá rerá ifa says the following!


Õtúrá Ògúndá


Igbó tééré kan‟ko

Òdán tééré kan dò

Ònà wérè-wèrè-wérè kan ibi à n ré

Díá fún Aláìkú

Omo ayélóhùn kere

Orúko ti áá pe Opón-Ifá

Wón ní kó rúbo sí laìkú araa re

Ó gbé‟bo, ó rúbo

Kò pé kò jinnà

E wá bá ni làìkù kangiri

Àìkú Kangiri làá bá ní lèsè Òpè.




The fine forest reached the cultivable  land

The thin savannah reached the stream

Small gaps reached our destiny

These were the declarations of Ifá to Allah (who will never die)

Offspring of the one who possesses a loud and clear voice

The name given to Opon Ifa

He was advised to offer a sacrifice for longevity

He accepted, soon after and  not to long

Join us where we're enjoying the never-ending


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