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Olorun, the lord of heaven does not demand sacrifice.

Nor does he request material things.

But anyone who seeks the good will practice the art of sacrifice.

For it is Olorun, the Lord of Heaven Who says that humans should sacrifice.

The key phrase from the above stanza is the word “good will.” It is the good will of all the things in the universe that we seek to attain or better known in ifá terminology as IRE! All positive things and outcomes in life which include long-life, wisdom, good health, children, spouse, and abundance spiritually and materially as well. In ifá there is only two things that cannot be mended. The time you are born and the time you will die. All other events in your chosen destiny can be mended.

Through ebo or sacrifice in ifá .We must always keep in mind . That no matter what spiritual practice you follow .That the most valuable sacrifice should be made within. Meaning regardless of the sacrifice made on the outside no matter how big it may be. Don’t forget to couple it with your own internal ebo or sacrifice on the inside. Meaning make those changes you know you need to make within yourself to render a better outcome in life. It isn’t always about running to the farm for a chicken to be offered. Sometimes we forget to kill the chicken in the inside of ourselves.


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