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A prayer for ORI or your inner GOD self .

Prayer to Ori:

Kanrangbon lawo Kanrangbon

Jaduda lawo jauda

Erin Akoki ( the mighty Elephant is their companion in the criminal kingdom)

They were the Awo who cast for Orunmila

When going to give support and previsions for Ori on earth

Alas Whatever befalls us on Earth should be attributed to ur ori

If we are fortunate to have all the good things of life

It is the doing of our ORI! and not ifa or orisa

My Ori please support me

My ori please make me wealthy

You are the one that takes ones issue your paramount concern

You are the one that comes to ones aid before any Orisa.

Explination :

The prayer above points to the ultimate fact of the matter . That Our inner GOD self or what the yourba call ORI is the supreme diety indeed. And also how importnat it is to have our ori on board with what we are doing. Our what we lay our hand on in life. This is truly the ultimate goal in life is alignment with you inner GOD self . It is the goal of initation to assit one in doing just that. But the assitances can only be so much. You yourself will always be the finally key the final piece to the puzzle. May our oris support us always ase!

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